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Everything You Need To Know About Using Your Phone & Tablet Abroad [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 28/01/2017

It’s fair to say that because of technology, the stresses and strains of holiday travel aren’t what they used to be.

Not so long ago the only two options we had to keep busy on a plane were to read a book or to sleep. Now at the tap of a touchscreen, we can read any book, watch any film or television programme instantly.

Equally, once we arrive at our particular destination, there is little need to carry around a local app or ask for directions. Now we simply type in the address of where we are headed and follow our smartphone.

Smartphone apps, in particular, have made massive strides forward in helping us get around on holiday. Consider Uber for example. This app now removes the concern of being overcharged by local taxi companies and removes any language barriers.

You can read more about how Uber has helped improve taxi experiences for tourists in this article from The Travel Trickster.

Nightmare Network Charges

However, when deciding to take mobile devices abroad, we all encounter the exact same concern.

We have all either experienced or heard of other people’s experiences of encountering colossal charges on their smartphone or tablet due to usage outside of the UK. 

Take a look at this article from the Mail Online which discusses a particularly nightmarish fee a British mother encountered.

Whilst holidaying in Turkey, Helen Christie used her smartphone to upload holiday photos to Facebook. Upon her return, she discovered that she had been charged an eye-watering £20,000.

Network Improvements

Because of the increasingly ridiculous charges holidaymakers were regularly encountering abroad, some networks have moved to improve services.

For example, network provider EE now offers unlimited calls and 100MB of data per day in Europe at the cost of £4 per day.

Furthermore, new EU laws came into effect in 2016 which mean that customers cannot be stung with extortionate roaming fees by providers. You can read more about these changes in this article from The Guardian.

However, while these changes are good, they don’t offer blanket rules for network service providers, so it really can differ massively for everyone.


Thankfully, you can ensure you won’t face any sneaky roaming charges at all by checking out this handy infographic put together by

This infographic, called Everything You Need To Know About Using Your Phone & Tablet Abroad is your one-stop-shop for advice on this area so that the only thing you need to worry about is which Netflix series to watch on the plane.

This piece covers everything from the potentially obvious to points you might not have even considered.

For example, it gives detailed advice about thoroughly checking what your particular network charges for usage abroad.

It also provides advice on specific apps which come in handy to keep in contact with people when you are away, such as WhatsApp and Skype.

On top of these points, this infographic also suggests checking your insurance policies, which may or may not include cover when abroad.

To learn more about these three points as well as plenty of others, take a look for yourself below. 

Using your phone and tablet abroad infographic