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Editor’s Top Picks to see Autumn Colours

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 24/10/2014
Editor’s Top Picks to see Autumn Colours

The lazy days of summer are over and autumn is in full swing: the kids are back in school, we’re all back to work, and the air is a little chillier than we last remembered. But that doesn’t have to make us downhearted. With the new season comes a beautiful phenomenon: the changing of the leaves. Whether you’re a fall foliage fanatic or you just want to enjoy a scenic view on your next outing, here are our top picks for seeing the beautiful autumn colours right here at home.

1.  Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire: This 600 acre forest contains beautiful collections of everything from cherries, birches, walnuts, and limes. The Japanese maples are particularly colourful, mixing a blaze of red, orange and yellow. The park is divided into three main areas: the old Arboretum, landscaped like a botanical tree garden; Silkwood, an ancient woodland with trees dating back to the 1200s; and Downs Landscape, a Grade I listed park.

Details: Open 9am to 5pm (or dusk, if earlier). Adults pay £9, children pay £4.

2.  Grizdale, Lake District: Just between Coniston Water and Windermere, you will be able to discover this national gem of autumn bliss. Its pine trees and ancient woodland create breathtaking scenery which you can enjoy on foot or bike in the many trails throughout. The ideal spot to reach is near the lakes so you can take in a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains dressed in different hues.

Details: Open 10am to 4:30pm. Free entry.

3.  Meikleour beech hedges, Scotland: If you fancy more of a scenic drive, as opposed to taking a walk among nature, the world’s highest hedge will do just the trick. At 100ft of height and 1/3 mile in length, this is Britain’s most exquisite wall of nature which, in the fall, turns into a magnificent russet and gold hue. There are only a few car parking spaces, but you can drive as slowly as you wish to enjoy this stunning view.

Details: Open daily. Free entry.

4.  Blackwood Forest, Hampshire: This 660 acre beech forest is a popular spot for hikers and walkers of all types. This beautiful season, the leaves turn bright yellow and orange, offering a spectacular sight around every corner. With loads of accommodation options on site, this is the perfect destination to spend a quiet escape among nature.

Details: Free entry.

5.  Hyde Park, London: If what you’re after is a stunning nature view with a hint of an urban setting, Hyde Park in the bustling city of London is your best pick. With over 4,000 trees in 350 acres, this majestic park is the ideal setting for city lovers looking to enjoy a bit of leaf-peeping this autumn season.

Details: Open 5am to midnight. Free entry.

6.  Studley Royal Park, North Yorkshire: This 800 acre park has been garnished as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. Not only does it feature a magnificent 18th century landscaped garden, where you will be able to observe the stunning changing of the seasons, but it also houses some of the largest cistern ruins in Europe, a Jacobean mansion and a Victorian church. Enjoy a pleasant picnic on the endless stretch of green lawns as you try to spot all the different hues of red, orange and yellow that surround you.

Details: Open 10am to 5pm. Adults pay £7.90, children pay £4.20.

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