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How to Eat Well and Have Fun While Abroad

Posted by Roxana Oliver on 26/02/2016
How to Eat Well and Have Fun While Abroad

Traveling abroad and enjoying the culture, amazing sights and good food is something you must experience for yourself to know how good it is. However, unless you know what to expect and where to look for a good bite to eat, you might leave the country hungry and disappointed.

Learn the Country Specialties

When visiting another country, you have to be sure to know what their specialties are and how you have to go about it when eating. Bear in mind that many cultures find it disrespectful if you do not follow their way of eating the dish. You will be left with a sour taste in your mouth, and it will ruin the whole experience for you.

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Never Go Where Tourists Go

You cannot expect to taste what the country has to offer if you only visit tourist traps as they will often have foods you are already familiar with. Granted, if you feel uneasy trying new gourmet dishes, it could be a good fallback when you feel discouraged. Nevertheless, find out where to locals eat to find some of the most delicious meals.

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Go for the Midrange in Restaurant Choices

In some countries, the restaurants could end up being quite expensive and unfavorable if you want to work on saving some money. Nevertheless, try to find good quality food, go with the golden middle line if you want to eat well and save some money. There are useful apps that can help you along the way, like the wine app with which you can get a free bottle of wine to go with your meal. Even more so, apps can be helpful when it comes to choosing the restaurants, reading the reviews and finding hidden gems.

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Try Out the Street Food

Even though it might seem unorthodox to stop at street vendors to grab a bite, you might be missing out on the meal of your life. Many cultures are famous for their street eating habits and some of the most renowned meals you can get there. Be careful and avoid places where the locals are not going either, as it could be set up to attract tourists only. Remember, you are trying to find authentic cuisine and more than just a meal to fill your tummy.

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Exercise Your Stomach

Eating abroad can be lots of fun, especially if you are trying out a new dish, but it can also be very risky if you are not used to sensory overload. Be prepared that most food you will eat will use a variety of stronger herbs and spices which could upset your stomach and ruin your holiday. Prior to eating a full-course meal, prepare at home or find out what goes into your food, so as to be ready.

Step out of your comfort zone, if you are already traveling abroad, and make sure to try some of the local cuisine to indulge in food you might have heard about the first time. Balance out the risk you are willing to take and the satisfaction of the prepared food. It will be necessary to find a good balance between what you are willing to taste and where you will draw the line. To enjoy your travels, be sure to learn about foreign cuisine first, to know what to expect and where to find good food.