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Discover the World’s Largest Airlines and Busiest Airports [Infographic]

Posted by Nicole West on 22/02/2016
Discover the World's Largest Airlines and Busiest Airports [Infographic]

Arrive at any major airport across the globe and, given the length of queues through customs, you could be forgiven for thinking they’re all the busiest! But, which ones actually see the most travellers?

They’re serviced by the largest airlines in the world, of which the top three include the American Airlines Group, Delta Airlines and the Lufthansa Group.

Check out the infographic below, to discover fascinating facts and figures - and keep reading to find out if your next holiday destination includes a trip to one of the busiest airports!

Discover the World's Largest Airlines and Busiest Airports [Infographic]


The World’s Top 3 Busiest Airport Destinations

1. Atlanta, USA: Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Georgia’s sprawling transportation hub blends Southern charm with an array of major attractions, cultural options, shopping opportunities and a fantastic culinary scene. You can visit the Georgia Aquarium (which is the world’s largest), the Woodruff Arts Centre, the World of Coca-Cola and the National Centre for Civil and Human Rights.

The airport itself offers world-class facilities, including a range of 24-hour food and beverage options, an airport art program, souvenir shops, designer outlets, a medical centre, conference and business facilities and free Wi Fi access throughout.

Discover the World's Largest Airlines and Busiest Airports [Infographic]

2. Beijing, China: Beijing Capital International Airport

Discover ancient and modern China in its capital, Beijing. Home to the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, Beijing is a dream destination for history buffs, but it also attracts shopaholics and foodies from across the globe. The modern metropolis is home to musicians, artists, movie-makers and traditional Chinese performance arts, adding to the cultural buzz.

There’s also fun to be had at the airport, with an Airport Leisure Centre that provides massages, reflexology, facials and more, so you can revive before your long flight. Along with restaurants, shops and premier services, you can pass the time by having a 4D Motion Experience or a trip to the cinema.

Discover the World's Largest Airlines and Busiest Airports [Infographic]

3. Dubai, UAE: Dubai International Airport

A futuristic city rising out of the desert, Dubai’s city skyline is like no other on earth. Extravagance and tradition sit side by side, with the world-renowned modern architecture of The Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah Island. The intriguing old city centre is a warren of narrow lanes and bustling souks and the shopping malls ooze glamour, but you can still discover traditional culture on a camel safari in the desert.

Dubai International Airport gives you a taste of what’s to come, with shops selling everything from designer items to local delicacies and electronics. For families, there’s a fantastic children’s play area and business facilities include 60 minutes of free Wi Fi, secretarial services and conference rooms.

Discover the World's Largest Airlines and Busiest Airports [Infographic]