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Different Family Holiday Ideas

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 27/08/2014

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel somewhere where you knew your kids would enjoy themselves and you would get to experience the local culture as well (you know, in a way that would let you know more than all the theme parks and nearest shopping centres)? Luckily, many places around the world are becoming more and more family-friendly, which means there are more services catering to your family’s needs, great discounts for your kids in most tourist infrastructures, and fun activities meant to be enjoyed by the whole family! So if you thought the Disneyland theme parks (and the like) were the only family-friendly places on the planet – well, let’s prove you wrong. Here are four excellent family-friendly holiday ideas that you may not have considered before:


1.  India


The bright colours of India will leave any child feeling dazzled and amazed. Plus, the country’s magical combinations of camels, elephants, ancient palaces, stunning landscapes, beaches and jungle will make sure your little ones are constantly entertained and discovering something new.

Of course, travelling to India can be a more intense travel experience as the country is ravished by poverty but there are some regions that offer a “softer” version of India. These include the southwestern state of Kerala that is generally known as having a more slow-paced and relaxed atmosphere. This green state is filled with natural parks and outlined by a long coast of beautiful beaches so it’s the perfect spot for a family looking for outdoor activities. Alternatively, visiting India’s Golden Triangle can also be an excellent family-friendly holiday idea. The big cities (and especially New Delhi) will have a more fast-paced feel but it’s safe to say that everyone will be amazed at architectural gems such as the Taj Mahal and the Pink City of Jaipur.


2.  USA Road Trip


A coast-to-coast road trip through the USA may be just what your family needs to enjoy some time off and discover an intriguing country! The beauty of travelling by car is that your journey can be as flexible as you need it to be and you call all the shots. Plan out your itinerary to include some specifically child-friendly activities and make sure to pack along a good stash of books, DVDs and games to keep the whole family entertained on the road. Accommodation will be up to you: there are plenty of car campsites throughout the USA (especially located in its national parks), but you can also choose to stay in different hotels or guest houses along the way – whatever you (and your little ones) prefer!


3.  Oman


Largely undiscovered, Oman is the perfect destination for a unique family holiday. Its 1600 km of coastline provide idyllic beaches for all types of travelers and offer excellent spots for a relaxing day in the sun or a fun day in the water enjoying a plethora of watersports and activities. But this small haven neighbouring the United Arab Emirates offers much more than just a great beach holiday. History comes alive in the country’s ancient cities and the hotels have all the needed infrastructures to ensure you and your little ones have a grand time. If you’re feeling adventurous, ride a camel into the desert and camp out for the night – it’ll be an experience your family will certainly cherish for many years to come!


5.  European Capitals


Europe is a great destination for any kind of holiday – beach, city, snow, rural escape… You name it and you’ll find it in some corner in Europe. And now you can rest assured that European capitals are perfectly serviced to receive family holidays. There are plenty of accommodation options ready to cater to your every need whether you and your little ones prefer a luxury hotel in a quiet spot or self-catering accommodation in the city centre. Plus, Europe’s high standard of transportation links will make sure you can get around to your local attractions quickly and easily.

Don’t know where to start? Perhaps consider a quick city break to the picturesque city of Prague, exciting Barcelona, or beautiful Paris.

Travelling as a family reaps many rewards for all involved. But it can require an extensive amount of planning and preparation to make sure you are covered for all of types of scenarios that can possibly go wrong. When you travel to these family-friendly places countries, though, you can rest assured that some of that burden will be taken care of for you!