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Comparing Kauai’s Best Beaches

Posted by Jason Richie on 14/03/2017

Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian island and has the most beaches of them all. These beaches are known for being some of the most magnificent in the world, highlighted for still looking untouched with lush green mountains in the background. With so many beautiful beaches on Kauai, each one embraces its unique charm, so there’s something for every type of beach lover. There’s swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, boogie boarding, and kayaking, as well as so many other activities on Kauai Island.

Here’s a look at a few of Kauai’s best diverse beaches:


Hanalei Bay Beach


photo source: pixabay

Hanalei Bay Beach is a two-mile long beach located on the North Shore of the Kauai Island. It’s pristine white sand is bordered by the Hanalei River on its east side, and the Waipa River on its west side. The Hanalei Beach also has two large coral reefs on either end of its crescent-shaped bay. This beach has something for everyone, with activities including surfing, swimming, and boogie boarding, as well as lifeguards, showers, BBQ areas, and picnic tables that make it ideal for families.  

Tunnels Beach


photo source: pixabay

Tunnels Beach has is of the best snorkeling havens in Kauai as well as spectacular crystal blue waters for scuba diving. With its massive crescent-shaped reef just 1/8 mile offshore and the golden sand beach, this North Shore beach has fascinating lush green jungles and mountains that give the allure of the tropics. The deep water caverns by the coral reef are perfect for divers, while families can enjoy the shallower water areas by the beach. The outer reef has lava tubes and arches that gave the Tunnel beach its name.  

Poipu Beach

photo source: pixabay

photo source: pixabay

The Poipu Beach was named as one of the world’s best beaches by the Travel Channel. This South Shore beach is naturally split into two small bays by a narrow sandbar called a tombola, creating two separate beaches. This sandbar is also a hangout for the endangered monk seal. The Poipu Beach is a great spot for snorkeling, swimming, and boogie boarding, and has a shallow area for kids to play in as well.  

Ke’e Beach


photo source: pixabay

Ke’e Beach, the last beach of the North Shore is located at the end of the North Shore of Kauai. This beach has one of the most incredible views of the NaPali Coast, which is a natural wonder of fascinating cliffs reaching as high as 4,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. The NaPali Coast also has fantastic views of waterfalls, the Kalalau Valley, and the crowded Ke’e Beach. If you are looking for a secluded place to stay with amazing views there are some incredible North Shore holiday homes to rent.  

Waimea Beach


photo source: pixabay

The Hawaiian Islands stretch over approximately 750 miles of coastline and have the most beautiful white sand beaches with tints of various colors including gold, green, and red. However, the secluded Waimea Beach of Kauai is different from any other beach. It’s rare, rich black sand on a relatively undeveloped western shore is enchanting. Although this beach is not ideal for swimming or surfing, its vibrant sunsets are absolutely stunning. Kauai Island has many beaches with the most dazzling turquoise waters. While some offer alluring tranquil calm waters, others have strong dramatic waves hitting the cliffs of the coastline. And many are perfect for watching unforgettable and breathtaking sunsets.