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Celebrate Beer and Togetherness at the Oktoberfest Festival In Munich, Germany

Posted by Josh Rushford on 15/02/2017
Celebrate Beer and Togetherness at the Oktoberfest Festival In Munich Germany Featured Image

The holidays are a lovely time of year that many look forward to worldwide. It is a time of celebration and cheer, often filled with happiness and community. This is exactly the atmosphere that follows when October comes around in Germany.


October is a lovely month, isn’t it? The leaves start to change color, a cool breeze warns of the coming winter, and of course Halloween. But in Germany (and all over the world) a much more cherished holiday is underway, Oktoberfest.


Oktoberfest (not a typo) is a massive 2-week long festival of community, food, and, of course, beer. LOTS of beer. Around 7.5 million liters to be exact! In fact, there are about 12 beer tents spread throughout the carnival and they’re usually packed all week long.

Oktoberfest celebration
An overview of the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, Germany via Flickr


From IPA’s and ciders to lagers and more, you’ll find only the best that Germany has to offer here. But beer isn’t the only reason people are attracted to this massive party. Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and other amusement park attractions add to the amusement for sure. Live band performances play all day and night to keep a constantly cheerful vibe throughout the park. And the food, forget about it! Giant pretzels, bratwursts, and schnitzel are just a peek at all the wonderful foods you will find at the Munich Oktoberfest.

Chef cooking in bulk during Oktoberfest
a chef cooks in bulk to feed the hungry masses that show up to the festival every year via blogspot


One of the coolest things about Oktoberfest is the outfits. As a part of Oktoberfest tradition, people are encouraged to wear colonial German garb to celebrate Germany’s cultural heritage. Dresses, suspenders, and felt hats are a common choice amongst the partygoers. 

Traditional German garb during Oktoberfest
beer lovers pose in their traditional German garb via flickr


Another fun thing about Oktoberfest is all the drunken activities to take part in. From intoxicating beer races to a game of giant checkers for those that prefer to stay sober, there are games for all to enjoy. The kids are also included in the fun as well with activities such as pretzel making and arts and crafts workshops. Here are a few games that are popular at the festival: 


Beer Stein Race - Test your balance skills and try not to get soaked in beer in this race around happy hour. The contestants are given 6 pitchers filled to the brim with beer to carry in two hands through an obstacle course to the finish line. The pitchers are weighed before and after the race to determine how much beer was spilled and the person that spilled the least amount wins.


Beer Barrel Race - Participants roll a beer barrel across a course and the first to cross the finish line wins.


Beer Tastings - Try the best beers in town and discover your new favorite beer at a beer tasting. Every type of beer, including some that you’ve never heard. of will surely be found here.


These activities are a great way to have some fun and create memories that will last a lifetime if you’re not too intoxicated to remember that is! Oktoberfest in its birthplace of Munich, Germany is the king of all festivals and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Join in on the celebration this October and don’t forget to bring your suspenders! I’ll see you there!


Author Bio: Josh Rushford is a freelance blogger for hire and the author of Natural Nomadics, a blog that combines travel and self-development into a powerful brew of unlimited potential. Read his blog to be inspired, entertained, or for help achieving your travel dreams!