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Everyone loves a quiz and this is where you’ll find them on your favourite topic…travel! Discover which destinations suit your personality, brush up on your travel knowledge and see if you can beat your friends in the travel expert stakes.

What Summer Destination is Right for You in 2017? The Results Are In

Here at Simply Holiday Deals we love finding out where our members can’t wait to go, on holidays. Our recent quiz posed the question: What Destination is Right for your 2017 Summer Holiday? We asked members what their perfect day looks like on holiday, whether beach or city spots are favoured, what types of accommodation […]

What Destination is Right for Your Summer 2017 Holiday Quiz

A recent survey showed Brits won’t be deterred from booking their 2017 summer holidays. Just in case you have not made a decision where you will go for your summer 2017 holiday we are here to help. Take our summer 2017 holiday quiz to find what favourite destination you should consider. Once you find out your […]

Which Caribbean Island Is Best For You? [Quiz]

Posted by Brian Jones on 24/02/2017
Which Caribbean Island Is Best For You Quiz Featured Image

Did you know there are over 7,000 islands and 28 countries in the Caribbean? With so many options how do you know what is right for your next holiday? Find out which island is perfect for you by taking our quiz. Surprised by the result and recommendation? Share your results with everyone and take again […]

Carioca Landscape, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

According to Wikipedia there are over 1,052 World Heritage Sites. Of these, 814 are cultural, 203 are natural, and 35 are mixed. We researched 20 of the most popular UNESCO world heritage sites. Can you name them by photo only? Take our quiz and test your world heritage site knowledge. Share your results and compare […]

Can You Name These UK County Flags? [Quiz]

Posted by Brian Jones on 28/01/2017
Berkshire County Flag

We have partnered with De Vere Hotels to test your UK county flag knowledge. De Vere Hotels created a map showing the flag of every county in the UK. Based on that, can you guess the county by flag only? Take this fun quiz to test your UK county skills.  You can find the online […]


Test your world knowledge and see if you can guess the capital of these countries. Sure, everyone knows the capital of a few popular countries but just how well do you know countries capitals near and far?  Take the quiz and share your results and compare to see how you do.    

Can You Name these Famous World Beaches by Photo [Quiz]

We all dream of laying on a warm sunny beach as we move into yet another UK winter. Better yet, if you are lucky enough, you are researching where to spend your winter beach holiday. According to TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice 2016 Awards these 25 beaches were voted the most popular. Can you name these famous […]

How Safe is the London Tube? [Quiz]

Posted by Brian Jones on 10/10/2016
How safe is the London tube? [quiz]

A recent article released on the Telegraph published theft statistics on the London tube obtained from Metropolitan Police Service under the Freedom of Information Act. Based on this article we have created a survey to test how safe you think the London tube is or is not. Also see our London tube safety infographic and […]

Yosemite National Park Photo

How well do you know America landmarks? Test your knowledge and see whether you know the difference between Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park or the White House and the US Capitol building. Put your skills to the test and share the results to see how you compare.  

Can You Name these 20 Countries by their Flag? [Quiz]

Take our fun quiz and see if you can name these 20 countries by their flag only. You will be show in 4 options and given the answer at each stage. From more popular countries you might be more familiar with like Spain to more obscure countries like Cyprus and Jamaica. Make sure to share […]

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