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We’re all about helping you save money at Simply Holiday Deals, sourcing the best holiday deals at incredible prices, from across the web. When you need to know how much to tip, where you can join in the fun for free or ways to save money in expensive cities, check out the blog for regular money saving tips and tricks.

6 Apps To Help You Make Money While Travelling Featured Image

Have you ever asked yourself the question, can I earn money while travelling? Well the answer is yes, you can earn money while travelling and it is not difficult. Actually it is quite easy and it can be fun. Below are 6 apps to help you make money while travelling. These apps won’t make you […]

6 Car Rental Tips For Travellers Before Hiring A Car Photo2

Need to hire a car on your next excursion? If you want to enjoy freedom while you are travelling, then renting a car is the best way. It is one of the effective ways to get around and explore various places and attractions at your own pace. As a traveller when you rent a car, […]

6 Easy Ways to Save Money for a Holiday

Posted by Kelly Parker on 28/02/2017
6 Easy Ways to Save Money for a Holiday Featured Image

Would you love to travel more and take more holidays each year? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Along with time constraints, many people are held back by funds. Saving enough cash to take trips can be difficult when juggled with the other competing expenses of life. There are, however, some fairly easy ways that […]

The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Free Flight Upgrade Featured Image

We all love holidays for the escapism they provide. For a couple of weeks each year, we can burst free from the shackles of a normal working week and jet off to somewhere far far away.   And it’s not just the actual experience of the holiday which is exciting. The process of booking a […]

15 Ultimate Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Posted by John Lello on 21/02/2017
14 Ultimate Tips for Travelling on a Budget Featured Image

You packed your bags and you are ready to hit the road. Your budget is set. You figured out how much money you will need and determined the length of your trip and the route. Being on the road you realize that travelling can be a lot more expensive than expected. Suddenly the taxi is […]

A Guide to Make Your Portugal Travel Easy with Airport Transfers Services Featured Image

Portugal, the ultimate holiday destination with west facing beaches that afford the most stunning sunsets across the world, conjures up images of a perfect coastline, abundant sunshine during the day and glorious sunsets each evening. Good reason to be on every travel list, thus.   As you plan the ultimate relaxed holiday in Portugal, dreaming […]

Staying Connected to What Matters While Travelling Featured Image

Staying connected while you travel is more than just a convenience. We’ve all grown accustomed to using our phones and mobile devices to look up new restaurants, get directions for unfamiliar places, and stay updated on social media. The chances are that you don’t want to surrender your always-on device just because you’re going on […]

How to Get the Best Deals on Hotel Rooms

Posted by Sophia Jones on 10/02/2017

Travelling to a new city is an altogether different experience. In addition to exploring some of the well-known destinations, you get to make the most of your holidays when you have the best accommodation. No matter what your preferences are, you should always look for a place that is well within your budget. If you […]

A Night to Remember in NYC

Posted by Amit Raj on 31/01/2017
A night to remember in NYC Featured Image

Instead of blowing all your hard-earned holiday cash on a pricey resort loaded with extortionate extras, why not try going somewhere a bit more ‘real’ and living like a local? Okay, so New York City is a pretty glamorous version of real, but the 24/7-lifestyle and abundance of cultural events and monumental landmarks makes it […]

Top 10 UK Budget Travel Destinations For 2017

It does not matter what time of the year it is, we all come across that financial pinch. When you are planning a holiday excursion with your family, most of the people will advise you to double your budget and halve the time – often you feel like a kick in the stomach if you […]

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How to Save Money on Holiday

No matter where you're going, there are proven ways to save money on your next holiday. Here's some general tips from the travel experts at Simply Holiday Deals.

Be Flexible With Your Dates

If you can, being flexible with your travel dates means you have the ability to significantly cut down the cost of your trip. Traveling during school holiday times is always more expensive, so be sure to check the school terms in the destination of your choice before booking. The same applies to holiday seasons such as Christmas and Easter. Cheap deals are more likely found at the very beginning or very end of the busiest seasons.

If you can travel mid-week, rather than on the weekends, you may get cheaper rates for flights and hotel bookings. Arranging your holiday from Monday to Friday, for example, may save you money as you skip the busy weekend rush.

Use Search Tools

Our search tools allow you to compare prices for flights, hotels, hostels and cars in real time, so you can decide from the best options, based on your overall budget. The great thing about using search tools, is that you can figure out where you're willing to compromise, and where you're not, in order to meet your holiday expectations, as well as your budgetary ones.

Choose Overnight Travel

Rather than spend extra on hotels simply to sleep, you can choose to travel overnight on trains, buses or boats. This way, you'll get to your next destination before you know it and you'll save loads on extra transportation and hotel expenses.

Pack Your Own Food

There's no doubt about it, food can be one of the biggest expenses when we're travelling. Packing your own food to take on planes, buses, trains and boats will save you a lot of money, as the food available at stations and airports is often sub-standard and pricey at the same time.

When you arrive at your new destination, head to the closest supermarket. It's fun to discover all the new products and, at the same time, you can restock for breakfast, lunch and dinner or for your next car or public transport trip. Further to that, when you do wish to eat out, avoid the most touristy areas as the prices are always aimed at holiday-makers. Instead, walk a few blocks to find where the locals eat. The food is almost always better and the prices are too!

Get Out Your Walking Shoes

How often have you caught a city train or tram to visit a landmark, only to discover you could have walked there, without the traffic, in a few minutes? Getting a good walking map and exploring a new town on foot is free, exciting, one of the best ways to acquaint yourself with your destination and it will save you more than you think in transportation costs!