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Are you searching for holiday ideas for your next adventure? The team at Simply Holiday Deals loves to help inspire you with destination information, including tips on the best attractions, where to eat, stay and play, festivals and events and handy ideas for making your next trip the best one yet!

10 Most Loved Hill Stations in South India

Posted by Kalyan Jee Jha on 21/03/2017

I have been a seasoned traveler for decades and have seen almost everything in India but to speak my mind, South India has won my heart in every way. Though the landmass of southern India is covered by waters on three sides, it is also known for its beautiful hill stations. What makes it special […]

There's something incredibly exciting about waiting to spot rare and exotic wildlife. From lions in Africa to a seahorse colony on the Great Barrier Reef, watching magnificent creatures in their natural habitats creates holiday memories that last a life time.

There’s something incredibly exciting about waiting to spot rare and exotic wildlife. From lions in Africa to a seahorse colony on the Great Barrier Reef, watching magnificent creatures in their natural habitats creates holiday memories that last a life time. Planning a wildlife holiday is simple, given that there’s a wide variety of package deals […]

The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Road Trip Across Europe Featured Image

Over the last couple of decades, travelling abroad has become more affordable and therefore more available to increasing numbers of Brits.   Because of this, the way in which we spend time abroad has changed. While plenty of us still enjoy a week in the sun on a sandy beach, an increasing number of us […]

The Best Places to Visit in Ireland: Editor’s Pick [Slideshow]

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and what better way to celebrate, than to don your best green attire, sip on a Guinness and check out the top places to visit? The ‘Emerald Isle’ never fails to impress, from windswept cliffs to remote stone villages and vibrant nightlife. Ancient history is on display on a backdrop of […]

Harley Holiday In Northumberland UK

Posted by Jenna Thorne on 17/03/2017
Harley Holiday In Northumberland UK Photo1

What about spending the holiday vacation of late spring in a sparsely populated and naturally rich region of England? Yes, we are talking of Northumberland the northernmost county of England sharing a border with Scotland. There is nothing like roaming the empty spaces and vast coastline of Northumberland with a Harley Davidson. When it comes […]

An Unconventional Holiday - 5 Advantages of Sustainable Farm Tourism Featured Image

When planning a holiday, most people first consider well-reviewed resorts that offer comfort and many options for daily relaxation and nightlife fun, but this sort of experience can be often quite draining, both financially and energy-wise. So how about an unconventional, stamina-replenishing getaway in the heart of nature?   In modern times humanity is trying […]


Are you planning a visit to Tanzania? Then you’ll most likely have been doing some research, checked out safari options and have a rough plan of what you intend to do when you hit the African soil. It’s easy when you are planning a big trip full of exciting activities to overlook some of the […]

Mountain Road, Wales

For some people, a holiday means booking a flight to a far away, sun filled destination to enjoy the beach. For others, however, there’s not better trip than exploring the British land. There’s almost 250,000 miles of road in the UK. Whilst some of that is nothing spectacular, there are some incredible opportunities in other […]

7 Cool and Unique Things to Do in Europe

Posted by Adam Smith on 12/03/2017
7 Cool and Unique Things to Do in Europe Featured Image

Without a doubt, Europe is quite popular for its right culture and a wide variety of historical attractions. Travellers might be planning to visit each country and explore the ancient structures. But, how about taking the other road?   The unique one, a trip to the breathtaking architecture of Greece, cherishing the beauty of Paris, […]

Hawaii’s Breathtaking Natural Wonders [Slideshow]

Hawaii’s natural wonders might just be the earth’s version of movie stars, with roles in blockbusters including Raiders of the Lost Arc and Jurassic Park.   It’s also one of the premier travel destinations of the world, with the white sand beaches, sparkling ocean, balmy breezes and orange sunsets that holiday dreams are made of. […]

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