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Travelling with your family is an incredible way to spend quality time together while having fun exploring the world. However, unlike travelling solo or as a couple, your journey will need to include aspects that are important for the needs, desires and capabilities of each member of your family. The Simply Holiday Deals Blog gives you inspiration, tips and tricks for a successful family journey, so you can spend more time holidaying and less time researching.

7 Travel Hacks while Travelling with Family

Posted by Jenna Thorne on 21/03/2017
7 Travel Hacks while travelling with Family Featured Image

Travelling as a family is definitely a different thing than travelling as a couple. As a couple you have no restrictions and with a few clothes and a suitcase you are all set for the journey. But when you are travelling with kids, as a family, things are different, let me tell you they are […]

The Ultimate Guide To Flying With Small Children Featured Image

When booking a holiday, there are two points of focus which must be addressed in order to ensure a great break.   These, of course, are the journey to your destination and finding the right accommodation.   One of these is much more enjoyable to plan the other. While finding accommodation can be exciting, planning […]

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling with Kids Featured Image

When you are travelling on a holiday with your kids, you don’t want to land up in a situation where you are running around in the middle of the night searching for a medical store to get medicine for your kid who is down with a fever. You cannot prevent any kind of sickness while […]

Top 7 Hotels to Stay in London with Family

Posted by Sophia Jones on 16/03/2017
Top 7 Hotels to Stay in London with Family Featured Image

After a long and hectic expedition, with your family, to London’s finest tourist attractions, you definitely want to unwind at a family hotel. London has a great variety when it comes to family hotels and some hotels are close to some of the city’s major attractions. Allow me to discuss top 7 hotels to stay […]

8 Things To Do This Summer In The UK

Posted by Emma Brown on 27/02/2017
things to do in birmingham west midlands

Without a doubt, the United Kingdom is one of the most visited countries in the world. Every year, around 31,100,000 visitors visit the country and the UK is a popular summer holiday destination as well. Its mild climate makes it a perfect destination to do a wide variety of things ranging from sightseeing to beach […]

10 Ways To Entertain Yourself During A Road Trip Featured Image

If you really want to make the most of your weekend, one of the best ways is to go on a road trip. With a plethora of travellers on the road could mean a longer card ride, therefore if you have plans of going on a lengthy road trip, here are some of the ways […]

Superb Spain Travel Experiences for Hikers

Posted by Karlis KIkuts on 22/02/2017
Atlavista del Teide

Why Spain? Turns out, Spain is the first country UK residents travel to. There’s got to be something there. That’s what we’ll show you – WHY Spain. Located in the Southwestern Europe, Spain has undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best climate in Europe. And that’s a major factor that makes it a […]

6 Important Tips for Road Trips in the UK

Posted by Warren Kuhn on 19/02/2017
6 Important Tips for Road Trips in the UK Featured Image

Traveling by car around the UK is not very common, especially with the other faster options. But going on a road trip in a private vehicle is an amazing way to explore and discover marvelous hidden gems. If you’re going with your friends or family, it’s a great opportunity for you to bond. However, a […]

The 10 Most Incredible Hiking Trails In The UK Featured Image

If you ask me what is the best way to explore the British countryside, then my reply would be hiking. If you are fond of having adventure, climbing, and surfing surely gives you that adrenaline rush but again you need to have costly equipments to do that. On the other hand, you don’t need any […]

2017 Events To Help You Experience Everything The Lake District Has To Offer Featured Image

The Lake District is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. It is commonly seen as being the ideal destination for adventure holidays, thanks to the proliferation of lakes and waters, as well as some of the country’s finest hills, mountains, and countryside. It has much more to offer than outdoor activities; […]

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Our Family Travel Tips

As long as you're prepared, travelling with your family will always be a journey that creates everlasting memories and new traditions. Here's some simple tips from the team at Simply Holiday Deals, to help you launch on your next adventure.

Choosing a Destination

When you're picking a holiday destination, take into account the desires of the whole family. It's not all about you, but it's not all about the kids either! If you can't stand the thought of theme park queues, that's certainly not the only option.

The kids will love destinations that include the beach with water sports, games and sun-filled days, adventures in nature and family-friendly resorts and so will you! Fantastic options include Portugal's Algarve, The Canary Islands, Spain's Costa Brava and the Greek Islands. When you choose destinations that blend history, food, culture, sun, surf and sand, everyone's holiday dreams can be fulfilled.

Book in Advance

To avoid excess waiting, walking or unnecessary public transport trips that can result in travel 'melt downs', book hotels in advance so you know exactly where you're going and when you're going to get there. Plus, when you book in advance you can ensure your hotel has all the facilities and activities you're likely to need.

Family-friendly options at hotels include playgrounds, separate swimming pools for children, cot-hire, self-catering options with kitchenettes for fussy eaters, organised activities for kids and babysitting services. We'll let you know, via our weekly deals, about hotels and cruises with excellent options for families.

What to Pack

When you're packing for family trips, a good idea is to get everything out you think you might need and try to eliminate half of it. This especially applies to clothes and anything you think you 'might' require, as opposed to necessities. Having less luggage will make it much easier for you at the airport, on public transport and when you're packing to go to a new hotel.

For children of all ages, it's important to pack items such as computer games, colouring books, pencils and books for the times you're waiting at airports, for transport or to check in to your hotel. Keep in mind that, depending on your destination, you may not be able to get certain medicines or your favourite brands of nappies, wipes, lotions and potions, plus, they may be more expensive in resort areas.

Things to Do

If you happen to find yourself stuck for interesting activities for a day, such as spending time in a stopover city, there are plenty of innovative ways to keep everyone occupied. Find a local park to take the kids to, so they can interact with local children, jump on a tram or bus just for the fun of it to check out the sites, go on on journey with your cameras to find interesting things to photograph, or make a game out of trying new foods in your destination.

Happy family holidays from the team at Simply Holiday Deals!