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The Big Aussie Three – Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

Posted by Roxana Oliver on 07/04/2017
The Big Aussie Three - Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Featured Image


When we close our eyes, flip our globes and let the index finger land on the Land Down Under, we usually ask ourselves –where to exactly? Should we snap a couple of pics in front of the Sydney Opera House; experience a Melbournian nightlife; or should we take a sneak peek at Aussie wildlife in Brisbane Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary?

Then we have a question for you: why not travel to all three metropolises? Yes, it can be quite challenging coming up with a plausible itinerary, but with every city radiating with uniqueness, one cannot really travel to the far south of the hemisphere and not pay a visit to all three.

Beg to disagree? Let us change your mind.

Sparkling Sydney

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From its white sand beaches and dazzling architecture, to vibrant culture; the City of Harbors never seizes to amaze us, and it has something to offer to every type of character.

If you want to be left speechless by some of the most outstanding architectural wonders of the modern world, you’ll join the cruise ride down the Sydney Harbor and embrace the size of the massive steel arch bridge, the largest one of its kind. Furthermore, with harbor seeing vast real estate developments in the past couple of decades, now it offers a breathtaking view of the bustling Sydney, as well as maritime life.

Those who want to embrace the culture and the history of this place will disembark the ship at the Manly Fast Ferry and walk the streets of The Rocks, the oldest Sydney suburb. It represents a sanitized precinct of galleries, restaurants, boutiques and narrow laneways. With tipsy sailors, open sewers and brothels being long gone, this place is now ideal for a winding stroll and col ale at one of its historic hotels.

Surfing you say? Then you must not miss out on outstanding waves Bondi beach is known for. And it’s not just about the vigorous waters, this world-famous 1-kilometer long stretch of sand is located right by the Campbell Parade, beyond which you can stumble upon a diverse suburb which embraces the beauty of surf culture and artists, as well as vibrant Kiwi and Pacific Islander communities.

Magnificent Melbourne

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Known as the most livable place in Australia, Melbourne doesn’t really need an introduction. It is a city of art and passion; it boasts its graffiti lined laneways, but also modern architecture, and together, the two vibes contribute to creating a fantastic mixture of history and progressive modernism.

Melbourne is the city no one ever leaves hungry, as there’s always a food festival around the corner. From seafood, Italian, tacos, burgers and German sausages, you’re bound to find a snack to suit your delicate taste. And you know what else – no one brews Aussie coffee just like Melbournians do.

Here, locals really know how to party, and are world-famous for their boom diggity beat. Whatever your preferences may be, metal, rock, punk, dubstep, jazz, you’ll find a place to enjoy it. They’ve even composed a distinct sound of their own – Melbourne Bounce.

The surrounding nature, as well, is what Melbourne is known for. Taking a ride just two hours to the south, you get the chance to enjoy fresh air at Wilson’s Promontory, national park famous for its untouched nature. And for enthusiastic oenophiles – Yarra Valley offers some of the world-class wines and mouth-watering cheese; all that, just outside the busy Melbourne streets.

Bombastic Brisbane

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Often so easily overlooked; with a multitude of activities and attractions up the East Aussie Coast, many disregard Brisbane as just another bustling city. Still, stretching over almost 16,000 km, it represents great Australian entertainment, tourists, shopping and wildlife center.

The finest panoramic view of the city and Moreton Bay is best from the Mount Coot-tha, but if you want to avoid the crowd and still enjoy the scenery, Moreton Island is the place to do it, since tourists often miss it and rush to Fraser Island.

It’s south bank, covering only 17 hectares, is really a tiny piece of… everything. From sub-tropical rainforests, global cuisine, man-made beaches and markets, to rollerblading parks and riverside promenade. Brisbane is also known to be a city of young folk, as the average age is around 30. How come? Well the fact is, many backpackers have found this place’s individuality to be quite refreshing, and have decided to stay (much) longer than just a few days.

It might happen to you to wish to drop your suitcase and stay for longer (of forever), and you wouldn’t be the first one. If this magical country lures you in to stay for good, you can compare these three beauts on Lifull real estate info page and choose which one fits you the best. And not just Brisbane; Sydney and Melbourne have been known over the years for winning over a number of travelers, enticing them to find their place somewhere on this vast Australian continent and stay for years to come.

Can you see yourself do the same?