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Beware London’s Top Tube Stations for Pickpockets [infographic]

Posted by Nicole West on 27/09/2016

When you’re hopping on or off the tube with a jostling crowd, it’s all too easy to lose awareness of your belongings. Professional pickpockets know this, hence why some of the most popular stations act as their favourite working grounds.

The top three stations to avoid, if possible, are King’s Cross St Pancras, Oxford Circus and Victoria. However, there’s little reason to become a victim of petty crime, when you follow general travel safety guidelines.

These include leaving your fancy jewellery at home so you don’t attract attention, carrying bags in front of you and looping straps over chairs or even your foot when seated, remaining alert in crowds and never, ever keeping your wallet in view, in a back pocket!

The key is to simply be prepared, not paranoid. Check out our infographic for all the statistics, plus tricks and tips to stay safe while travelling.

Beware London’s Top Tube Stations for Pickpockets [infographic]