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Best Lake Destinations Worldwide

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 11/12/2014
Best Lake Destinations Worldwide

Everyone likes to enjoy a sunny getaway to the beach, but lakes can also be a great holiday destination (especially if you are getting tired of all that sand sticking to just about everything in sight). From stunning natural scenery to incredible wildlife and lively parties, lakes can be the setting of just about any kind of holiday. Take a look below to find out which lake you should be visiting on your next getaway:

1.  Lake Como (Italy): Palm trees, snow-capped mountains, blooming flowers and clear waters… It sounds like a beautiful dream, but this is actually a real depiction of what you will get to witness at this exquisite lake. Hire a speedboat to take a tour of the lake, or enjoy a quiet stroll on its margins.

2.  Plitivice Lakes (Croatia): The blue-green waters of these beautiful lakes are enough to leave you feeling enchanted. Add to that lush vegetation, incredible waterfalls and a handy footbridge leading you across this magical gem of nature and you’re all set for the holiday of your life.

3.  Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri, USA): Some people like to travel for the nature, and the wildlife and the culture – others just like to relax and have a good time. This Missouri lake is perfect for just that! Also known as “Party Cove”, Lake of the Ozarks is popular among the young at heart who are just looking for a place to kick back and party during the spring and summer holidays.

4.  Lake Annecy (French Alps): France’s third largest lake, this clear blue gem set in the mountains is quite a popular destination year-round. Perfect for adventure seekers and travellers who love to stay active on holiday, Lake Annecy is ideal for enjoying water sports such as sailing, rowing, swimming and hang gliding above the water. You can also explore the beautiful margins of the lake on a bike.

5.  Maligne Lake (Alberta, Canada): There are endless breathtakingly beautiful lakes in the Canadian Rockies, but Maligne Lake takes the crown due to the stunning surrounding scenery. Picturesque pine trees, majestic mountains, and the spectacular blue skies of Alberta create the perfect background for enjoying this splendid lake.

6.  Lake Atitlán (Guatemala): You will find this incredible lake in the highlands of Guatemala, at the foot of three impressive volcanoes. Lining the shores of this natural treasure are charming Mayan villages and stunning steep hills dressed in lush oak and pine trees.

7.  Taal Lake (Philippines): Just outside Manila, you will find this beautiful lake that is known for being the deepest one in the Philippines and for housing one of the world’s smallest yet most active volcanoes. Probably not the best place to go for a swim (it has been nationally declared as a danger zone), but you can nonetheless explore this dangerous beauty in guided group tours.

8.  Crater Lake (Oregon, USA): The centrepiece of the national park in southern Oregon, this stunning lake was formed after a volcano explosion some thousands of years ago. Today, this is where you will be able to find nature at its most powerful. Lush forests surround the margins of this stunning lake – the deepest one in the America. Admire this sapphire-blue beauty in winter while you ski, or wait until the summer to have some fun in the water.

9.  Loch Lomond (Scotland, UK): This 24-mile long lake is a truly unique gem of nature. Small islands dot the balmy waters (and some are so small they disappear when water levels are high) and rolling hills and ancient medieval castles make up the backdrop for this stunning lake. Take a ferry to the largest island (population 11) and admire the surrounding nature that will make you feel like you have just landed in a Victorian novel.

10. Lake Nakuru (Kenya): Yes, the water is a stunning shade of blue. Yes, the backdrop is made up of beautiful grasslands and rolling hills. But what makes Lake Nakuru truly special is the pink colour that emerges in its margins. Flamingos flock here every day (up to a million at a time), making for a striking view.

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