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Best Family-Friendly Spots In Vietnam

Posted by Laura Knight on 16/09/2016

Southeast Asia has experienced a recent boom in tourism. There are many reasons for this – the incredible food, culture, history, people, and scenery are just a few.

In the last few decades, Vietnam in particular has transitioned rather quickly into one of the tourist hot spots of the region, with safe transport, friendly and helpful local people, and nearly ubiquitous WiFi coverage.

For the price of two cocktails in a London bar, you can find yourself a luxury hotel accommodation and for about 6 GBP, you can feed a family of four a well-rounded and delicious local meal.

One of the best parts of this beautiful and vibrant country is the varied geography of the coastline that borders the South China Sea.

There are a few larger cities dotted here and there between the North and South, but for the most part, you have smaller towns and villages where folks won’t speak a lick of English but will happily communicate through Google Translate and serve you up a piping hot bowl of noodle soup.

Here is a quick list of four of the best places in Vietnam that you can visit with your family. All of these places are easily accessible by buses, motorcycles, and taxis and have activities that will be of interest to all ages.

Hoi An

Hoi An is a bustling little city with tons of expats as well as locals all intermingling and enjoying the beautiful weather, delicious restaurants, and charming architecture. It is also the place to be if you want to get some clothing custom-made, which you can do for prices far cheaper than what you would pay in stores back home.

best-family-friendly-spots-in-vietnam-photo1Some lanterns outside of one of Hoi An’s many amazing restaurants – these hanging lanterns are a typical scene from the older part of town, just near the market and covered Japanese Bridge. 

One of the more adventurous options available for those of you traveling to Hoi An is the Hai Van Pass, an approximately 20km stretch of highway that winds its way through a mountain range overlooking the beautiful waters of the South China Sea. The pass is about 60km away from Hoi An, which makes for a full day of riding through some of the most scenic highway and mountain passes in the world!

From Hoi An, the pass is an easy day trip that is best experienced by motorcycle or scooter, both of which can be easily rented through your hotel. Historically, the roads were quite dangerous and ill maintained, but today, they are in nearly pristine condition.

For those of you brave enough to take on the hairpin bends of the Pass, you’ll be well rewarded with some of the best views in the world.

But make sure to take the proper precautions for you and your family and get everyone a proper motorcycle helmet and padding. Motorcycle safety gear can be rented along with the motorcycle in all shops in the Hoi An area, so stay safe, enjoy the drive, and drink in the mind-blowingly amazing views!

best-family-friendly-spots-in-vietnam-photo2Just one of the amazing views you’ll be treated to on the Hai Van Pass – which some call the most beautiful stretch of highway in the world!

Bai Xep

Bai Xep, a small fishing village just outside the city of Qui Nhon, is the perfect beach retreat for anyone looking for a few days of peace, quiet, and perfect sand. The folks in the village are some of the nicest you’ll meet anywhere in the world (seriously, don’t be surprised if you and your entire family are invited to a full, four course meal after meeting local folks).

The village itself is charming and quaint, and about as Vietnamese as you can get while also being incredibly safe and affordable.

best-family-friendly-spots-in-vietnam-photo3A lovely and (almost) deserted beach in the village of Bai Xep – perfect water and perfect weather, just add in a pina colada! 

Da Lat

Da Lat is about 100km away from the coastline of Vietnam. The climate is noticeably cooler, courtesy of the mountainous terrain, which also provides some incredible viewpoints along the mountain pass that you have to traverse to get to the city from the coastline.

Near Da Lat, you’ll find Elephant Falls, a majestic waterfall that you can stand almost directly under!

After the Falls, you can visit one of a number of weasel poop coffee farms, where weasels are fed raw coffee beans. The beans, once the weasels poop them out, are cleaned and roasted and served up to you in an adorable little filter. It is said to be one of the most delicious cups of coffee you can get anywhere in the world!

If the idea of drinking something that was once in a weasel’s intestines is too much for you, you can instead head to one of the many silk factories in the area and watch locals hand craft some beautiful silk garments (that you can, of course, buy as souvenirs).  

best-family-friendly-spots-in-vietnam-photo4This is the amazing view from the weasel poop coffee farm – the coffee itself isn’t cheap by Vietnamese standards (a cup will run you about 60.000 VND, or just about 3 USD), but the novelty of saying you’ve tried “weasel poop coffee” and the view are well worth it!

Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a resort town in the South of Vietnam that boasts some incredible natural sand dunes, both red and white. Take some time and stroll around the town, and if you’re an adventurous eater, give the locally sourced shrimp spring rolls a go. They are mouthwateringly delicious!

best-family-friendly-spots-in-vietnam-photo5Sunset at the white sand dunes (that are technically more yellowish than white) looks like a scene from Mars, not something just a few minutes away from a coastline that looks like a beach paradise.

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