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Best Craft Beers in Australia: Where to go to Try Them and Things to do While Visiting the Land Down Under

Posted by Roxana Oliver on 08/10/2015
Best Craft Beers in Australia: Where to go to Try Them and Things to do While Visiting the Land Down Under

This nutritious, low-alcoholic beverage that ranks as one of Australia’s most beloved drinks has come into this state in the mid-18th century. It had been brought by Captain James Cook as a means to sanitize bad water and serve as its alternative for the ship’s limited resources. Officially, the first Australian beer was made from Indian corn and gooseberry leaves, in the production facilities of John Boston. Later on, beer grew popular as a safer and more acceptable substitute for wildly used (and abused) rum.

Australia Craft Beer

Contemporary beer-making had to do without hops for a while, as it was expensive to import and wouldn’t thrive in the Australian lands. This distinctive ingredient entered beer brewing with James Squire who subsequently opened his own beer-serving establishment. The major breweries in Australia now mostly produce lager beer that lacks specific taste and character. The mastery or high-class production lies in the hands of microbreweries and their craft beer.
Hops Sydney beer

If you ever wondered what makes craft beer stand out from other beer products, such as lager, we shall unravel the details to you. You can say that craft beer is the handmade chocolate of the beer world. It is a carefully and meticulously designed beverage that only contains four pure ingredients: water, malt, yeast and hops. Its big brother lager is a beer version diluted in malt content and flavour which makes it equally alcoholic but poor in quality. Stay with us for the journey through Australia’s finest craft beer manufacturers with compelling trivia on the side.

New South Wales

Founded in 2008, the amazing 4 Pines Brewing Company has risen to the stars, and in literal sense as well. They joined forces with space engineering firm to create an outer-space-proof beer. Their newcomer ESB (extra special bitter) has won the hearts of the locals and tourists, earning them quite a few gold awards. I wanted to see what all the fuzz is about so I decided to try it, and soon realized why this is one of Australia’s craft beer rock stars. You can also order this beer online in Australia. If you choose to visit the area, don’t miss the magnificent Sydney Opera or take a ghost tour in Harbour’s national park.
4 Pines Beer


Burleigh Brewing Company was born out of mind of international couple, Hawaiian original Brennan Fielding and his Australian-born companion, Peta. The freshest addition to their collection of brewed jewels is a German-friendly HEF. Since I am a certified minions fan, the presence of banana aroma has swept me away instantaneously. Part of this aromatic duo is also clove, with a solid wheat base, resembling Bavarian sorts. Join their bashes including traditional German sausages barbie, or soak in the sun at the Burleigh Heads beaches. If you get too sluggish, go to a surfing adventure or just roam the nicely marked-out pathways.
Burleigh Brewing Australia craft beer


Bridge Road Brewers may be a lesser known but equally brilliant producer of wide range of superhero beers. They are sterling examples of expertise, innovativeness and hard work. Bridge Road’s Chevalier selection, especially Elderflower Saison grasped our attention with the wine-like bottle and seduced our palate for good with its unique floral breath and standard dry and acidic base. Regular activities in the brewery include Beechworth Oktoberfest, cycling tours and live music sessions. Alternatively, go see a historical gold mining town. The location also offers gourmet dining and memorable chill-out sessions.

Victoria beer Australia
Image by the beer drinkers via Instagram

If you are not an Aussie yourself, you can order craft beer online from Australia, if not – you can should definitely visit! To recap – Australia is a home to an outstanding number of exquisite beer manufacturers with a legitimate tradition and uncompromised practice. The outcome of their perseverance has resulted in extraordinary kinds of craft beer that remodelled the beverage into a drinking masterpiece.

Featured Image by the beer drinkers via Instagram