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Barbados – The Island of Sun, Sea and Sophistication!

Posted by Matt Jackson on 01/04/2017
Barbados Map

Thousands of people travel to the majestic and welcoming island of Barbados every year to enjoy the sun, beach, parties and delicious food. Isn’t it time you visited?

We invite you to explore Barbados, fall in love with the views, taste some of the local delicacies and we’re sure you’ll want to do the whole thing all over again.

This distinctively charming shore is the perfect holiday. With so much to do, new foods to be tasted, a beach you won’t want to leave and wildlife you’ll want to take home, Barbados welcomes explorers of all ages to tackle what it has to offer!

Barbados has a lot of amazing activities, food and sights to see. Here are a few of the top things to do when you visit this incredible island.

Throughout the year, Barbados’ average temperature is between 28-30 C. This means you are guaranteed that sun kissed tan all year round. It often rains in the summer, but the downpours are refreshing and are followed by beautiful blue skies.

The Beaches

A day at the beach can involve unwinding under an umbrella, reclined on a comfy sun lounger with a refreshing glass of your favourite cocktail, while digging your toes into the hot pink-white sand. If you want a more active break, you can impress your friends or family by jumping on a surfboard and getting stuck into the powerful Atlantic crashing waves.

Beaches in Barbados
photo credit: pixabay

Food And Drink

As well as tanning yourself on the beaches, Barbados gives you the opportunity to try their array of delicacies.

Barbados offers a mixture of foods inspired from:

  • Africa
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Creole
  • Britain


These include classic fish dishes, spices, herbs, hot sides and many more. Tuck into a famous Cou-Cou and fried Flying Fish with spicy gravy.

Barbardos - Food and Drink
photo credit: pixabay


If you’re a fan of sport, Barbados has it covered. Cricket is the most followed game in Barbados. But don’t worry if cricket isn’t your strong point, they also follow football, rugby, horse racing, basketball and pretty much every sport you can think of.  


If you’re lucky enough, you could have a chance to join in with the celebrations at the Crop Over Festival, a traditional harvest festival. The Crop Over began in 1687 to signal the end of the yearly sugar cane harvest. The festival features singing, dancing, feasting and drinking competitions, climbing a greased pole and many more traditions. Most islanders use the whole two-month celebration as one huge party.


Barbados not only has stunning views to take in, you can also take in some of their wildlife. Barbados has the second largest hawksbill turtle breeding population in the Caribbean where you can see four different species of turtles. The green turtles, loggerheads, hawksbill turtles and leatherbacks. They’re also home to the green monkey, which is normally found in West Africa.

Barbados Wildlife
photo credit: pixabay


You can also turn your holiday into an educational trip with a visit to the Barbados museum. You have the chance to visit the:

  • Harewood Gallery – You can learn about the fishing industry, wildlife, the coral reef, the protection of their turtles and harvesting the sea-eggs (urchins).
  • Military Gallery – Showcasing the historical development of World War II’s armed forces.
  • World War II’s Children Gallery – A child friendly way to learn about the armed forces.
  • Jubilee Gallery – Walking through more than 4000 years of human development on the island of Barbados.


There are plenty more galleries to help you learn the ins and outs of Barbados.


Once the breath-taking sunset goes down, the calm sun-filled days turn into parties around every corner. The friendly people of Barbados take to the night clubs which feature live music, bangs, calypso and reggae with some clubs playing R&B; you won’t be able to resist getting up on the dance floor and showing the local residents your best dance moves.


You can’t go on a holiday without picking up some souvenirs and there are some gorgeous shops on the streets of Barbados.

  • Earthworks Pottery – A chance to decorate your house with stunning ornaments.
  • The Best of Barbados Gift Shop – For all your souvenir needs.
  • Little Switzerland – Sells beautiful jewellery.
  • A Gallery of Caribbean Art – Stocks colourful and gorgeous Caribbean paintings.


There are also many more shops and markets offering a variety of different things.

Attractions And Places To Visit

If you want to live life in the fast lane, then take on Adventureland Barbados. Take a Congaline Adventure Tour which will take you into the interior of the island to view the outstanding scenery and the countryside. You can also take a walk through Welchman Gall. You can also see Mount Hillaby, the highest point on the island and enjoy a mouth-watering Bajan Buffet lunch served in a unique setting.

Another way to take in the sights is the #1 Bajan Bus, a unique part of Barbadian history. This open top bus tour is the perfect way to get the best views of everything that is incredible about Barbados. You can take a trip to the most beautiful beaches or pop into the local rum shop to get a true taste of the Caribbean Island. This is an upbeat tour so you will be having fun while learning about this amazing island.

Attractions in Barbados
photo credit: pixabay


Not only does Barbados have a beautiful beach, museums, activities and parties, it is also a popular location for those fairy tale weddings. Hundreds of people fly over to the gorgeous beaches to tie the knot with a little help from the different wedding planners and professional wedding décor companies that are based in Barbados.

You won’t want to say goodbye to the tropical island afters its warm welcome and taking in the breath taking natural delights the Caribbean Island shows you over your holiday.

You are guaranteed to see the heart and soul of the phenomenal Barbados, its people and you will be shown exactly why it has come to be known as The Gem of the Caribbean Sea.

Experience all the excitement for yourself when you book a getaway to this unmissable island.

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