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Around The World in 16 Winter Warmers [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 12/11/2016
Around The World in 16 Winter Warmers

We spend the majority of autumn seemingly unintentionally quoting Game of Thrones famous line “winter is coming”as the temperature gradually drops.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately, it has now arrived, so it’s time to brace ourselves for more rain, snow and freezing cold conditions.

As the night’s become increasingly cold and the days become shorter, we have a number of ways to combat the intense chill.

For some, it can be a few simple tweaks in the home. Lighting up the open fire on an evening, popping a hot water bottle in bed or lighting a few warming scented aromas.

For others, it’s all about food. Light salads are replaced with hearty stews and dishes heavy in carbs. In fact, there’s science to suggest that the dark nights influence the food we want, read this NPR article.

The same very much goes for food’s most trustworthy of sidekicks, drinks. In the summer we all enjoy thirst-quenching fruity beverages to keep us cool during the hottest days. However, these become very unappealing once the cold sets in.

Our Favourite Hot Drinks

So what do we choose as our alternatives? Well, in the world as we know it today, the simple answer is coffee.

The world has gone crazy for a cup of java in recent years, with over 23,000 Starbucks stores currently operating worldwide alone.

However, despite this, it is still tipped to the top of the drink charts (not including water) by another hot beverage.

Tea, in its many forms, is enjoyed in every corner of the world and has been a firm favourite with the majority of the Earth’s population long before the likes of Coca-Cola came along.

However, despite the popularity of these two hot drinks and their variants, it still does appear as if there aren’t actual many options.

There are actually lots of hot drinks from around the world that we simply aren’t that aware of because of the popularity of coffee and tea.

Winter Warmers Infographic

The people at have created an infographic charting a whole host of tantalising and delicious hot beverages from around the world which will make you question why you’ve stuck to that dull pot of instant coffee for so long.

It’s called ‘Around The World In 16 Winter Warmers’and it has a flavoursome drink for every palate to enjoy.

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, there’s drinks like the Russian ‘Sbiten’, which is created with a mixture of honey, nutmeg, blackberry jam, cinnamon sticks and (of course) hot water to give it a strikingly sweet taste.

Alternatively, if you fancy something more vibrant, there’s ‘Matcha’, a green tea that hails from Japan which has also become very popular in the US and New York in particular.  

There’s also plenty of winter warmers just for adults, with a delicious mix of boozy hot drinks to provide you with that extra cosy feeling on a bitterly cold evening.

If you are sick of the same old hot drinks, why not go globetrotting with this winter warmers infographic? Take a look below. 

16 Winter Warmers Image