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Around The World in 12 Christmas Traditions [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 18/12/2016
Around The World In 12 Christmas Traditions

As the brilliant Andy Williams once sang “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and once again, Christmas is indeed upon us.

While the likes of Valentine’s Day, Easter Weekend or Halloween are solid fixtures in our calendar, none compare to the unavoidable behemoth that is Christmas.

With a number couple of bank holidays crammed into the space of a week, the whole of the UK almost entirely shuts down. This gives us the perfect excuse to indulge and enjoy the festivities.

British Christmas Traditions

We have very particular traditions at Christmas that almost all of the country gets involved in.

At the start of December, we kick things off with ceremonial Christmas light switch-on celebrations in every town, city and village including a sizeable Christmas tree as the centrepiece.

The Christmas tree is clearly important to the traditions because we are so happy spending plenty of money on them. In Cardiff alone, the city Christmas tree cost a staggering £30,000.

Of course, it’s not just the streets that get decorated, it’s our homes too. Inside and out, we try to remain minimalist with the fairy lights and tinsel, but many get too carried away.

This great article from the Guardian perfectly sums up how creative and over-the-top we can all be.

Once the big day rolls around it’s time for gift giving. Children rejoice at the sight of the gifts Santa has brought them whilst parents busily prepare the big meal.

The Christmas dinner is arguably the biggest part of the British Christmas. Traditionally a roast turkey takes centre stage, surrounded by a whole host of trimmings including sprouts, roast potatoes and the delicious pigs in blankets.

Because our traditions aren’t dissimilar with those across the pond in the US, it’s easy to thin most of the world enjoy Christmas similarly, however, this far from the case.

Christmas Around the World

There really are some weird and wonderful Christmas traditions around the world that are incredibly different to ours.

Iceland is a great example where Santa is replaced with the 13 Yule Lads, a group of trolls who live in the mountains.

In the 13 days running up to the big day, children leave a shoe in their bedroom window. If they have been good they will receive a gift each night, placed in the shoe, if they have been bad, they will find rotten potatoes instead!

Christmas is celebrated in even more surprising and different ways to the UK in Japan which has a minuscule population of Christians.

Up until 1974, there was nothing even remotely resembling Christmas, so the clever people at Kentucky Fried Chicken decided to create a tradition of their own.

Many successful marketing campaigns and 42 years later ‘Kentucky Christmas’ is bigger than ever. Families all over the country flock to KFC to order buckets of the the Colonel’s famous secret recipe chicken.

You can read about these traditions as well as plenty of others which are very different to our own in a great infographic from

It’s called Around The World In 12 Christmas Traditions and you can take a look for yourself below.  

12 Christmas Traditions Infographic