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Answers To 17 Things You’ve Always Wondered When Flying [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 03/03/2017
Answers To 17 Things You’ve Always Wondered When Flying Featured Image

If you are planning on booking a holiday, there’s a pretty big chance that you’ll be travelling by plane to your destination.


Obviously, this is because of its speed. With today’s commercial flights, you can get to the other side of the world within 24 hours, something which no other mode of transport can get close to.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Things are to get even better as of March 2018 for those flying long distances. BBC News recently reported that Airline Quantas announced that they will offer the first non-stop service from London to Australia which is expected to take just 17 hours.


For those of you who have ever experienced the joys of rush hour traffic in a car or the unpredictability of train services, you’ll especially appreciate how much better air travel is.


There are a number of other benefits to flying as well as the speed. One of the biggest benefits is the price.


Particularly in the UK, where trains are so high, it makes much more sense to travel by air. Just take a look at this recent article from the Telegraph which explains how it is now cheaper to fly across Europe than it is to us the rail service in the UK.


There are lots of real examples of this in practice too, with hilarious consequences. Take a look at this article from the Daily Mail which explains how two friends, one who lived in Newcastle and the other in Birmingham, both flew to Malaga in Spain to visit each other rather than travel by train in the UK.


It would also be fair to say that the general facilities at our disposal are different on planes to other transport.


For example, if you are on a medium to long-haul flight there is plenty of entertainment on offer, regardless of whether you’re in first class or economy. You’ll have a choice of movies and television programs to enjoy.


However, if you are on a long distance train, you really have to provide yourself with something to pass the time, otherwise, you’ll start at the back of a seat for the whole of your journey.


Answers To 17 Things You’ve Always Wondered When Flying


While flights have many more benefits, our knowledge of them is almost certainly thinner than of other transport.


A new infographic created by the people at aims to answer all of the most common flight-based questions.


It’s called ‘Answers To 17 Things You’ve Always Wondered When Flying’ and you can take a look at it for yourself below.


It contains lots of great things which we all chat about to our friends and family during or after flights but never really have an answer.


Things like the reason planes still have ashtrays, even though smoking is banned. It also covers more scientific issues, such as why food tastes so bland on aeroplanes in comparison to anywhere else.


Find out the answers to these questions as well as 11 others by looking at the infographic below.