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An Unconventional Holiday – 5 Advantages of Sustainable Farm Tourism

Posted by Tommy Birn on 15/03/2017
An Unconventional Holiday - 5 Advantages of Sustainable Farm Tourism Featured Image

When planning a holiday, most people first consider well-reviewed resorts that offer comfort and many options for daily relaxation and nightlife fun, but this sort of experience can be often quite draining, both financially and energy-wise. So how about an unconventional, stamina-replenishing getaway in the heart of nature?


In modern times humanity is trying to make up for the extreme consumption era that has had negative effects both on nature and the wellness of people.


Thus, an environmentally-friendly way to spend your holidays and enjoy an authentic experience is farm tourism – a kind of sustainable tourism that implies respect for the environment and the host communities and puts emphasis on saving natural resources. This offers visitors the chance to get back to their roots and experience nature without disturbing its balance. There are many options available: you can assist in organic wine-making in the Italian Apennines, try pottery-making and camel riding around the farmhouses of Gurgaon, India or discover the indigenous Hungarian domestic animals of Ecopark Bukkosd. All of them provide you with a unique journey and numerous advantages for the eco-friendly traveller, including:

 Pottery Making
photo credit: pixabay

Becoming healthy and strong


You will be able to eat meals made with organic products obtained at the farm. It’s a good opportunity to try traditional foods without worrying about the quality and source of its ingredients, which can be a big plus for families with children or people with food allergies. The meals are usually fresh, as most hosts take a lot of pride in their special recipes. Do not forget to buy a few homemade goodies for home at the end of your trip.


Investing in a safer future


Farms that offer accommodation and practice organic farming are very careful with their natural resources. One of the most important ways to minimise the waste of resources lies in saving water. It is estimated that one in ten people in the world lacks access to safe water and 2.8 billion people don’t have sufficient available water. Considering this, rainwater harvesting is an excellent method to mindfully use a vital natural resource. Rainwater is free of salinity and reduces the need for a clean water distribution system which can be highly polluting. In farms, the water can also be collected from roofs, ponds, dams and used to irrigate crops. Additionally, farms tend to encourage recycling and energy saving as well.

 sustainaable farms
photo credit: pixabay

The human connection


A break from daily routine at the farm will be good not only good for the body, but also for the mind. You will have the chance to make a meaningful connection with local people, to understand their culture and values and take with you the customs that will improve your lifestyle. Your hosts will respect your choice to help the traditional lifestyle survive and will try to provide an enriching experience for you, since they know that kind of behaviour will prove rewarding for them as well.


The educational factor


Trying this type of holiday will certainly add new healthy habits to your way of life. It is a good way to reconnect with nature, your loved ones and yourself. Moreover, getting to know your hosts and the history of certain places will teach you some important lessons about being innovative and practical. If you take your children with you, they too can learn a valuable lesson about achieving personal goals while also caring for the environment that surrounds them. In some parts of the Balkans, for example, accommodation can be offered in exchange for work at the farm – which might be a very useful experience for a young adult.

photo credit: pixabay

Keeping communities together


Your choice of being a green tourist is an investment in the preservation of a traditional lifestyle that has become endangered in many areas of the world. You can connect with a totally different culture without the fuss of searching for so-called authentic experiences inside a crowded holiday resort while at the same time caring for the natural and cultural heritage of a region and preserving the longevity of farms that try to make Earth a friendlier place for its inhabitants.



All things considered, by engaging in sustainable farm tourism you will be able to enjoy blissful days and fun activities and still have a positive impact on the environment. This kind of exchange is a surefire mood lifter and will undeniably contribute to your overall well-being and that of the community you end up helping.