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AirHelp Score: The Latest Global Airline Rankings for Customer Service

Posted by Marius Fermi on 17/11/2016
The Latest Global Airline Rankings for Customer Service

What’s the number 1 consideration when booking your flight? For most of us it’s the ticket price but as an airline passenger there’s a level of customer service that you can expect and more so than ever, this is fast becoming a key decision maker.

You expect a certain level of customer service in other areas of your life, so why not when it comes to airline travel? Airlines should provide a superior level of service both in the air and on the ground. Airlines should also consistently punctual – your time is money after all.

The Top Five UK Airlines:


  1. Virgin Atlantic – 8.2
  2. British Airways – 7.7
  3. FlyBe – 7.6
  4. – 7.2
  5. EasyJet – 6.2


Check out the AirHelp Score to see the full list of airlines and how they rank.

AirHelp Score: How does the airline ranking work?


AirHelp Score: How does the airline ranking work?

The AirHelp Score is calculated using a range of statistics on quality and service, punctuality, and responsiveness from the past three years and is the best way for you to choose an airline that fits your needs. An airline’s performance is rated on these factors on a scale from zero to 10.

  • A great score is > than 8
  • A good score is 7 to 7.9
  • A fair score is 6 to 6.9
  • A poor score is 5 – 5.9
  • A very poor score is < than 5


What Does the AirHelp Score Mean to You?

Designed to show you the top-performing airlines ensuring you’re making a better-informed decision and reducing your chances of a stressful situation when things go wrong.

Whenever your travel aboard you ideally don’t want to deal with any disruptions – delays, cancellations and overbookings. It’s best if the airline delivers a quality and timely service so you don’t have to go through the rigmarole in the first place.

The methodology behind the AirHelp Score

AirHelp data scientists source and aggregate relevant data sets from airlines, airports and government entities to determine an airline’s punctuality standards. Using our own proprietary data, coupled with third-party research firms, to identify quality and service standards. Lastly, our internal claims department rates an airline’s responsiveness on its proficiency based on the time it takes to turnaround and payout a claim.

How do we get these numbers?

  1. Quality performance: Together with the experts at, the AirHelp Score ranks the airline on quality and service both on the ground and in the air.


  1. Punctuality: All else goes out the window if an airline can’t keep to its schedule. AirHelp data scientists scoured for data to determine the average percentage of on-time arrivals by airline (on-time performance is considered landing within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time).


  1. Claim responsiveness: Not all airlines are as quick to acknowledge claims as others. Some ignore our requests outright and others delay communications. There are many airlines, however, that are agreeable to work with in meeting passengers’ claims needs. The results of this ranking are sourced directly from our own data and serve as a measurement of the amount of time it took AirHelp customers to get their hard-earned cash in-hand.