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A Simple Guideline on How to Look for the Best Airport Parking

Posted by Maya Campbell on 04/04/2016
How to Look for the Best Airport Parking

Aside from the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and the Trafalgar Square, London’s international airports are some of the most fascinating establishments in the city. These majestic landing fields welcome and bid adieu to tourists, as well as represent an excellent transportation sector. Together with these, comes the problem for locals and/or business passengers to find suitable airport parking.

In a way, booking airport parking can spell the difference of a pleasant trip and a troublesome start. The convenience of leaving your vehicle at a London airport, safe and sound, is incomparable. So in order for you to really enjoy the overall experience of travelling, here’s a simple guideline on how to look for suitable airport parking.

Book Airport Parking in Advance

The Telegraph states that, reserving airport parking in advance can cut the cost by more than 50%. Say you’re flying from Heathrow’s Terminal 1, an unplanned endeavour can set you back £195.10. But if you’ve booked a parking space, one or two days in advance, the said bill can drop down to a reasonable £82. Also, be sure to compare prices on parking aggregator and airport websites to squeeze out the best deal possible.

Choose a Hotel and Parking Deal (if Possible)

Similar to the advantage of a promo flight, booking an airport hotel with parking is usually the cheaper option compared to reserving each element separately. This way, you won’t have to worry about braving London’s congested streets way ahead of time to ensure you won’t miss your flight. It’s also the most relaxing option, especially if you have an early or a late night flight. Parking4Less even suggests that airport hotels with parking can be an extension of your holiday or business trip and that they’re, “usually within a few minutes transfer time from the airport terminal.”

Consider the Little Things in Airport Parking

When all else fails, it’s the little things that count. For instance, when opting for a short stay car park or a valet parking, it’s best to book two or three weeks before departure. In addition, though these are a little more expensive than the basic long stay parking, you’ll conveniently be walking distance of your terminal. Another important thing to consider when signing up for a third party airport parking deal is knowing where your car will be placed. One way of going around proper vehicle security and quality is by checking whether or not the provision has a Park Mark award scheme.