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A Night to Remember in NYC

Posted by Amit Raj on 31/01/2017
A night to remember in NYC Featured Image

Instead of blowing all your hard-earned holiday cash on a pricey resort loaded with extortionate extras, why not try going somewhere a bit more ‘real’ and living like a local? Okay, so New York City is a pretty glamorous version of real, but the 24/7-lifestyle and abundance of cultural events and monumental landmarks makes it a surprisingly affordable destination. In short, you can get more done in one New York night than in a week’s stay in a smaller city: pack it all into one weekend, and you’ll come home with plenty of great memories and your wallet (relatively) unscathed.

Your evening out in New York might begin with a free ticket to the filming of Late Night with Seth Meyers – a modern east coast institution that provides the eager visitor with both laughter and a peak behind the scenes. If you happen to be in town on the first Saturday of the month, you can follow this up with a few hours at Brooklyn Museum, where special opening hours reign between 5pm and 11pm. From Monet’s masterpieces to Egyptian artefacts, there’s plenty to inspire you. And the cost? Free!

Late Night with Seth Meyersphoto credit: frank wilberforce via flickr

Later on you can take in a movie with a difference: The Rocky Horror Show plays behind a troupe of live actors in a midnight performance at Cinepolis Chelsea Cinemas, on 23rd Street. At $9 a pop, it’s cheaper than a bog-standard movie in London, and probably far more entertaining. You can put the money you save towards a couple of cocktails at Jay-Z’s famous 40/40 bar down the road; it’s open until 4am.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
photo credit: sebastian dooris via flickr

Back to your blue-collar budget, and late night bowling at Whitestone Lanes is as authentic an American experience as you could hope for. Complete with jukebox, over-competitive locals and guilt-inducing snacks, it’s your Big Lebowski moment, and at $7.50/hour or less per lane you can afford to enjoy it!

Whitestone Lanes Bowlingphoto credit: jlieb via flick

It’s all free from here on in. Following your game, head to the Brooklyn Bridge for some fresh air and exquisite views of the Manhattan skyline. As the sun rises, you can continue sightseeing with a slow boat to Staten Island: the Statue of Liberty will glow as the morning greets you in New York City.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York Cityphoto credit: pixabay

For more details on these bargain attractions (and a few more luxurious ones if you do want to splash out), check out Expedia’s new guide to pulling an all-nighter in NYC. It’s the break of a lifetime, without even stopping for sleep!