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A Foodie’s Guide to Travelling the World

Posted by Mathews McGarry on 11/07/2016
A foodie's guide to traveling the world

For a true foodie – the whole world is a dining table. State borders are absolutely no obstacle for someone who’s passionate about their food. And the world has a lot to offer as well. Many traditional cuisines just wait to tickle someone’s taste buds and deliver completely new sensations and satisfaction. With the right bucket list, one’s stomach capacity is the only limit. Here go some of the countries you might want to put on yours, if you are likely to call yourself a food lover.


France Foodie Tips
photo credit: flickr via archer10, davidandbevtravel, mallydally

The French do not live on wine and croissants only. Still, their wines are superb and definitely something to try when on your visit to the country of love. Actually, many of their traditional dishes are made with wine. One shouldn’t skip the opportunity to taste Oeufs en Meurette which are actually eggs soaked in red wine as well as the already world famous Boeuf Bourguignon – which, as you’ve probably guessed, is beef stew cooked with red wine. For those who want something even more extravagant, escargot, or snails dipped in garlic and butter, is a classic. Of course, with 450 varieties of French cheese, you wouldn’t want to miss this dairy paradise either. Camembert cheese is by far recommended for a first cheesy bite.


Italy Foodie Tips
photo credit: flickr via moyan_brenn, joyosity, lesleyk

Another country that will satisfy your demanding foodie taste for wines and cheese, Italy will also bring a whole new set of meals to the table. Numerous kinds of pasta with different flavors, toppings and fillings are definitely a tradition one has to respect. Italian food is very healthy, so make sure to try some of their vegetable soups like the Ribollita, a gourmet tuna dish called Bottarga, a sausage made entirely from pig’s snouts called Musetto or the tasty sweet pie that is Sbrisolona.


India Foodie Tips
photo credit: flickr via rovingl, arsheffield, MichellePetersJones

Foodies who are not afraid of spicy and a bit heavier dishes should definitely include India on their travel list. Don’t miss to try tomato aubergine curry, palak paneer, and bhel puri, but if you’re ambitious, check some of the thali restaurants where you will get various food servings on a plate and men will go around all the time filling your plate until you tell them to stop. Indian cuisine involves a lot of side dishes and deciding which one to go for can actually make your head spin.


Japan Foodie Tips
photo credit: flickr via moyan_brenn, tamaki, avlxyz, Mr TinDC

No self-respected foodie would dare to skip the country of Japan in search for good and unique food. Of course, ramen and sushi are the first that come to mind, but you would definitely be surprised at how many varieties of these two meals exist, as well as enjoy a completely new experience of eating in special ramen or sushi bars – the traditional way. A foodie that is also an anime fan shouldn’t miss this opportunity to try bean buns and crab cream or fish croquettes. If you’re in Japan during the winter and have friends to hang out with, make sure to organize a hot pot meal while seated at kotatsu, and if you happen to be there during a summer festival, takoyaki is a must.


Australia Foodie Tips
photo credit: flickr via sunova surfboards, yewenyi, arpardavila

If you had one place to choose for your foodie travel, Australia should undoubtedly be the one. The country’s cultural diversity offers vast traditional food choices from all over the world. Actually, it’s hard not to find the cuisine of a country you’re looking for. When it comes to drinks, sipping coffee in Melbourne will change your appreciation for this drink forever, while beer lovers will have their hands full while choosing what beer to try next in every great bottle shop in Sydney,since there are extremely many choices in terms of taste, alcohol percentage and brewing method.

While the food is definitely delicious and special, in all of the abovementioned countries you will also have the opportunity to enjoy incredible sites and picturesque views with a happy tummy. Therefore, get yourself a pair of eating pants and book a ticket for a whole new world of flavors as soon as possible.