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82% of Brits Will Consider Taking Holiday in Egypt, if New Six-Point Plan is Successful [Survey Results]

Posted by Brian Jones on 17/04/2016
Nile River Egypt

As reported on on 16th April 2016, Egyptian authorities have announced a six-point plan after security concerns caused many major carriers to cancel popular routes resulting in a 40% drop in International tourism compared with two years ago.

Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, Yehia Rashed, stated “My one and only goal is to bring huge numbers of tourists back to Egypt,” 

The six-point plan calls for:

    1. Working with international tourism partners to restore success
    2. Working in partnership with Egypt’s national carrier, EgyptAir, to develop new destinations, and to support charter and low cost airline companies in bringing more tourists to Egypt
    3. Enhancing Egypt’s tourism infrastructure by supporting investors and innovating with new ideas
    4. Raising the bar by meeting the highest international standards through upgraded product and service levels at tourist facilities
    5. Working to bring foreign direct investment to Egyptian tourism
    6. Developing the growing trend in Egyptian tourism of sustainable eco-friendly accommodation, transportation, and activities.


Simply Holiday Deals set out to understand how Brits feel about Egypt and if the six-point plan outlined will be enough to convince them to holiday in Egypt once again. This survey was sent out on 12th April 2016 and the results reported on data collected between 12th April 2016 and 15th April 2016 which accounted for exactly 900 respondents. This article was written on 17th April and as of that time, 913 individuals had completed the survey.  

Survey Key Takeaways

  • While 32% of respondents claimed to travel to Egypt within the past 3 years, only 10% stated they have plans to travel to Egypt in the next 12 months which is a decrease of 68%, greater than the 40% reported by Egyptian authorities officially.
  • 82% of respondents stated they plan to or will consider traveling to Egypt if the six-point plan is successful. Brits appear to be optimistic and willing to reconsider Egypt as their holiday destination at some point.
  • Not only do Brits want Egypt authorities to take action but they want the British government and officials involved in the process.  
  • In the meantime, more Brits than ever are traveling outside of the UK, 83% of respondents stated they plan on traveling abroad in 2016. Out of the 83% that stated they do plan on traveling abroad, 61% stated they plan to stay within Europe based on proximity, cost and safety.


Full Results

When asked ‘Have you traveled in the last 3 years to Egypt on holiday?a whopping 32% answered yes while 67% responded no. Egypt Survey Question Number 1 Results Not surprisingly when asked ‘Do you plan to travel to Egypt in the next 12 months on holiday?’ only 10% answered yes compared to the 32% that answered they had visited Egypt somewhat recently, at least within the last 3 years. That being said, 30% of the respondents answered maybe indicating many individuals are undecided whether they should choose Egypt as a holiday destination in 2016. Egypt Survey Question Number 2 Results For those that answered no, the overwhelming reason was security.  Surprisingly, 26% of the respondents stated it was either too expensive or chose ‘other’ as the reason why they would not be traveling to Egypt over the next 12 months. Egypt Survey Question Number 3 Results Perhaps one of the most interesting insights gathered in this survey was when we asked participants ‘If Egypt is successful in its six-point plan stated above would you consider traveling to Egypt?’. A full 45% of the respondents stated yes they would while another 37% stated maybe. Combined 82% of the respondents stated they would or maybe visit Egypt if they were successful in creating a safe holiday destination. This paints a promising picture for Egypt and its future and says that Brits are open to making this destination their holiday location once again.Egypt Survey Question Number 4 Results

We all know Brits love their beach holidays. When asked their favourite Egyptian city, Sharm el Sheikh came in number one easily at 43%. Egypt Survey Question Number 5 Results When asked to leave a comment on ‘What in your opinion would it take for you to consider visiting Egypt at any point in the future?’, the majority of comments revolved around safety. A sampling of comments is below. We received 758 comments in total.

  • “For the British authorities to be convinced it is safe.”
  • “I want to visit but my friends don’t…trying to convince them”
  • “airport security tightening”
  • “UK security being at all tourist areas”
  • “Not sure, maybe British baggage handlers and security checkers”
  • “Egypt, and indeed many places abroad now, need to demonstrate that they are capable of dealing with the new threats to holiday makers.”
  • “If it was a cruise port of call”
  • “Providing the security is tightened up I would. Have always wanted to travel to Egypt and did consider it a couple of years ago”
  • “Embassy and travel agents declare it safe”


While many Brits are open to the idea of traveling to Egypt again, it appears based on these and many other comments they not only want the Egyptian authorities to take action and declare it safe they want 3rd parties, in particular, the British government to have an active role and to have a physical presence in the region. Next, we wanted to know if participants were not traveling to Egypt specifically or if they had stopped traveling abroad all together. When asked ‘Are you planning or considering traveling abroad at any point over the next 12 months?’ a whopping 83% stated yes. Apparently Brits are traveling abroad in large numbers. Egypt Survey Question Number 7 Results

It appears most of the international travel is being done within Europe with the next most popular world region being America at 18%. Egypt Survey Question Number 8 Results

It would make sense that Brits stay closer to home, as it is more convenient to travel throughout Europe and less expensive. Only 12% plan to travel to Africa or the Middle East and 7% within Asia. Egypt Survey Question Number 9 Results

Information on Survey Respondents

This survey was sent to a random selection of Simply Holiday Deals members. Approximately 900 members chose to participate in this survey.  In order to understand this group better we asked to identify themselves by age range and gender. 76% were 45 years of age or older, 18% between the ages of 30 and 45 and 6% were under the age of 30. The majority who participated in this survey was female at 65% while 35% were male. Egypt Survey Question Number 10 Results Egypt Survey Question Number 11 Results