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8 Ways To Enjoy Your Trip in Paris Without Breaking The Bank

Posted by Esthrr from The Roam Pear on 27/01/2016
8 Ways To Enjoy Your Trip in Paris Without Breaking The Bank

It is no secret that Paris is one of the most expensive city to travel to, however it doesn’t stop millions of people visiting The City of Lights every single year. But then again could you blame them as Audrey Hepburn once said, ‘Paris is always a good idea”. Luckily, there are ways to enjoy your trip in Paris without breaking the bank. Below I have compiled 8 ways to achieve this.

  1. Buy the weekly Navigo Découverte pass

Some people may say buy the Paris Visite or but I think that the Navgio is a better offer. Navigo Découverte is a weekly or monthly smart pass that can be used in the central of Paris and all zones 1-5, so the pass includes both CDG and Orly airport, Versailles and Disneyland Parc. It can be used on the bus, Metro, tram and RER. The weekly pass cost €21.25 and can be bought at many metro stations, the bigger train stations, at both of the airports mention information desks and for Orly at the Orlybus ticket office. While the Paris Visite has different price ranges from €11.15 (which is just for central of Paris and zone 1 to 3 – it doesn’t include any of the places mentioned above) to €61.25 (which is their 5 day pass for central of Paris and zone 1 to 5 plus includes all the places mention) Even if you are just spending two days in Paris, the Navgio is much cheaper as the Paris Visite cost €35.70.

  1. Use the Vélib

If you want something even cheaper than Navgio, you can use Paris’ bike-sharing program – Vélib. These bikes are stations around Paris and there are over 20,000 bikes. The price for a day use of the bike is €1.70 or if you want a weekly ticket €8.

  1. Bring ID if you 25 and under to get free pass to major museums and monuments

25 and under citizen of the European Union or their country is part of the EEA are entitled to free entry to some of the major museums and monuments in Paris. For example, Louvre, Arc De Triomphe, Centre Pompidou, Musée d’Orsay, Chateau de Versaille and many more.

Bring ID if you 25 and under to get free pass to major museums and monuments
hoto credit: the roam pear


  1.  Buy a Paris Museum Pass

If you are over 25, I would recommend getting the Paris Museum pass. You will get free direct access to 60 monuments and the museums, without having to queue, such as the examples given above and many more. Prices are €48 (2days), €62 (4 days) and €74 (6 days)

Buy a Paris Museum Pass
photo credit: the roam pear

  1. Climb instead of getting the elevator for Eiffel Tower

If you are planning on visiting the Eiffel Tower, inside of getting the elevator you should get the stairs. It’s cheaper and the queue is way smaller than the queue for elevator. 

Climb instead of getting the elevator for Eiffel Tower
photo credit: the roam pear

  1. Try to travel to Paris around the first Sunday of the month.

The first Sunday of the month, most of the major museums are free admission for everyone. My advice would be to visit the places you really want to go to in the morning so you can be the crowd as this is not a secret and these places gets very crowded.

  1. Free Walking Guided Tours

The best way (in my opinion) to see Paris and all its wonders is by foot. There are many free walking tours available in the city and there are tours where the locals are the tour guides.

  1. Free Wi-Fi

There are lots of free Wi-Fi hotspots around the city, it is very easy to find and majority you do not need a code. There are hotspots in many of their parks, cafes, fast food, museums and monument. If you are lucky are meet a very nice local, you can get access to Wi-Fi network called “Free Wi-Fi” which can be used around the city. Not all locals have the password, but a lot do and it will save you lots of money.