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8 Science-Based Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For Your Health [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 30/03/2017
8 Science-Based Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For Your Health Featured Image

We all do our best to find at least one week per year when we can escape our normal lives and go and relax in the sunshine.


After months of hard work without any sort of real rest, there comes a point when we treat ourselves to a well-deserved break.


Importance of Taking Holidays


It is important that we all get a break from our working lives as this article from the Daily Mail suggests.


The research featured in this article suggests that those of us who don’t take a break each year suffer from higher blood pressure, poor sleeping higher levels of stress than those who did get at least one holiday.


As well as the well-earned rest, travel certainly (as the old saying goes) broadens the mind.


Broadening the Mind


Experiencing other cultures can affect us in a variety of positive ways, which is something that is explored in this article from the Guardian.


This piece from 2016 discusses research which suggests that travel can positively influence your brain to make you more outgoing and open to new experiences.


Travel can offer you even more than broadening your perspective too. There’s also plenty who believe that jetting off around the world can actually boost your intelligence.


Boosting Your Intelligence


Take a look at this piece from Huffington Post which discusses all the ways in which travelling can make you smarter.


It considers a range of reasons from learning new languages to expanding your palate and how these things ultimately contribute to increasing your IQ.


However, there are other benefits you can gain from enjoying trips abroad which are potentially more important than anything mentioned thus far.


Now more than ever we all make a big effort to improve our health. Thankfully, it seems that travel has a number of genuine links to improving our wellbeing.


It’s not just our state of mind which can improve from sitting on a sun-soaked beach for a couple of weeks, there’s lots of scientifically backed evidence to go with it.


8 Science-Based Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For Your Health [Infographic]


Take a look at the new infographic created by the people at which lists a number of different health benefits we can all gain fro travel.


It’s called 8 Science-Based Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For Your Health And you can take a look at it for yourself a the bottom of this post.


The first and potentially the most intriguing is that plenty of travel will actually improve your immune system.


The reason for this is that when we head abroad we are exposed to different types of bacteria that we don’t encounter at home.


Also, depending on where you choose to spend your holiday, you may be required to have certain vaccines to prevent you from picking up an exotic illness. As well as ensuring your holiday is illness free, it improves your immune system for the long term too. 


Read more about this as well as 7 other travel health benefits in the infographic below. 

Why Travelling is Good for your Health Infographic