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8 Must See Street Art Creations [Storymap]

Posted by Derek Joyce on 05/10/2015

Over the last 30 years, street art has become increasingly popular around the world, growing a sizeable cult following. Street artists often use their talent to convey a powerful message to the general public in eye-catching fashion, with some of the best street artists in the world travelling all across the globe to showcase their work.

This Storymap by Brushstrokes Painting ( shows some of the locations of the world’s best street art, from small, evocative images to stunning large-scale designs. Among the street artists featured are Los Angeles native Skidrobot, whose designs touch at the emotions in emphasising the plight of the city’s homeless, and Mak1one from South Africa, who used his gift to spread messages of hope during a difficult time in the nation’s history. The Storymap also features the work of Europe-based street artists such as ROA, INTI and Leon Keer, whose large-scale designs bring previously monotone buildings to vivid life.

The gift possessed by street artists might be viewed by some as controversial, but the sheer talent of these artists is undeniable, and they have provided further illumination and colour to some of the world’s best-known locations.

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8 must see street art creations storymap image