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7 Places in Europe for Solo Travellers

Posted by Adam Smith on 01/04/2017
7 Places in Europe for Solo Travellers Featured Image

I like travelling solo and I have explored some of the famous European destinations. After all these years, roaming solo from one destination to another, I have realised that some places are more suitable than the others for the solo traveller. Well, if you are a beginner, then Europe is certainly a great place to start your solo travelling experience.


All the European destinations I have been to are safe and above all, you get to explore new cultures and get to know the rich history. So, here are some of the exotic European locations for solo travellers.




First on my list is Ireland, simply because it is one of the most beautiful places you can ever visit in Europe. This is the place where I have learned to enjoy my own company where I spent most of the time driving the length of the country. Irish people are very friendly and I mostly stayed at B&Bs. Make sure you have asked for the single rate in order to have some pounds.


If you are travelling in the month of May, you can be a part of Belfast Maritime Festival. You get to enjoy music, theatre, and comedy at Ballinamore Free Fringe Festival. A visit to Sligo County Museum will give you an opportunity to explore the life and work of W.B. Yeats.

Ireland for Solo Travellers
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While I was in Scotland, I definitely had the time of my life. Well, I am a type of person who easily gets mixed up with the people and Irish people are also quite friendly. The natural beauty of Scotland took my breath away and it also attracts tourists and photographers from different parts of the world. Luckily, I was carrying my camera with me and took some great pictures of the beautiful landscape, rocky coastline, dramatic waterfalls, and mountains. 


I never felt alone or any sort of danger while I was there. It is a safe place and the people are always ready to help you out. While you are in Scotland, there are so many things you can do such as – mountain biking from Glencoe to Kinlochleven, Milngavie to Fort William is a popular walking trail, enjoy playing golf at the Old Course, St. Andrews.

 Scotland for Solo Travellers
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It won’t be wrong to say that Berlin is one of the happening places and ideal city for the solo travellers. When you are in the beautiful city of Berlin, there is so much you can do and there are endless opportunities to have fun. It is also one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe. Travel towards the southwest of Charlottenburg to escape the city life.


Museum Island is one the popular destinations in Berlin. It is also UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. This is the place you can explore Berlin’s key museums as well. If you are not able to visit all five of them, then make sure you have explored Pergamonmuseum, a well-known archaeological museum and Neues Museum. Mauer Park hosts the famous flea market, where you can buy bargain bicycles, souvenirs, furniture, pianos, and clothes.

 Berlin for Solo Travellers
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This place has a special place in my heart as this is the city from where I started my solo travelling experience. I love this city so much that I recently revisited and this time around I took my friends along with me. Here, staying will be no issue as the hostels are quite cheap and it is quite difficult to find a cheap hotel. If you are a vegetarian just like me then you are in for a feast here as you will find so many vegetarian restaurants and they are quite cheap as well.


Old Town Square is one of the places in Prague where you get to see swarms of tourists from around the world. While you are at the square, it also gives you a chance of exploring the beautiful architecture of Prague. Strolling on the Charles Bridge, especially during the night time, is an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you have visited Prague Castle. It has been the seat of the Czech rulers and it is also the residence of President.

Prague for Solo Travellers
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France is one of the most exciting and diverse places to explore. As a solo traveller, you will be experiencing both man-made and natural beauty. This place enjoys an abundance of natural beauty, gorgeous coastlines, grand canyons, and high mountain ranges. The city packs in such as charisma that I instantly fell in love with this place. There is a certain kind of attraction that attracts you. It won’t be wrong to call Paris the capital of fashion, food, grand boulevards, world-class galleries, and historic monuments.


Musee Du Louvre is one of the popular attractions of the city. The moment you enter the museum, everything you will see is a piece of art including the main entrance. The museum has so much to see from Da Vinci work (Monalisa), beautiful French paintings such as Liberty leading the people, and explore various galleries as well. Various other must-visit attractions are – Eiffel Tower, Cathedrale de Chartres, Versailles Palace, and Musee d’Orsay.

 France for Solo Travellers
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I went to Belgium on my solo adventure when I was 24 years of age. Well, all my friends and family members keep telling me it is a boring place and I will be wasting my time there. But, until you have visited yourself, you will never realise the place’s true worth. I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around in Brussels and the best part of this city is that it can be easily reached by air or rail from the neighbouring nations.


Antwerp is known for its nightlife, swanky bars and restaurants, and a long list of festivals. Ghent is also a must-visit in Belgium and it is also recommended by the locals as well. This place has 18 museums, more than 400 historical buildings, 100 churches, so all in all there is so much to see and explore while you are in Belgium.

 Belgium for Solo Travellers
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This place will steal your heart with its unspoiled nature, incredible scenery, rich culture, and modern political system. I have heard and read a lot about Northern Lights and watching it right in front of your eyes is just an unexplainable experience. Helsinki is a famous city and quite popular amongst the tourists. The city has so many places to visit such as – Esplanade Park, Helsinki Cathedral, Ateneum Art Museum.


Every Finnish city has something to offer. Rauma is the place where you get to see wooden houses and you should visit Marela Museum House and Maritime Museum. Porvoo is a medieval town which has Runeberg Home Museum, Brunberg Candy Factory. Some of the other famous attractions are – Aviation Museum, Finnish Science Centre, Serena Waterpark of Haltia.

Finland for Solo Travellers
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