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7 Myths about Family Holidays

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 10/09/2014
7 Myths about Family Holidays

Family holidays are tricky business. With all the planning and logistics involved, it’s easy for misconceptions to be generated around the idea of family travel. But we’re here to clear all of that up! Here are 7 myths about family holidays that definitely need to be straightened out:

1.  Travelling as a group is expensive

While the total expenses for a holiday of a family of five, for instance, will definitely add up to more than a couple’s holiday, you need to consider the price per person and how much you can include in your total. The price may be higher but if you can book exclusive activities, a family-friendly hotel with a kid’s club, great guided tours and comfortable flight arrangements, you’re most likely getting your money’s worth. It’s important to remember that your money will go a long way when you take care of organising a hassle-free family holiday.

2.  “Kids Free” means everything free

Read the fine print! While you’re hoping that “Kids Free” means kids fly free, eat free, stay free, most likely this is not the case. Pay attention to the details because more often than not, kids can get only specific things for free under particular circumstances.

3.  “All-inclusive” means everything is included

Almost all the resorts that offer all-inclusive services cover meals and beverages (yes, even alcoholic ones) but some restrict this for specific times and certain restaurants and/or bars on site. Moreover, don’t expect all activities to be covered! While non-motorised activities are usually included for free (i.e. windsurfing, fitness classes, etc.), motorised activities such as snorkelling and off-site excursions will cost you an extra supplement. Make sure to be well informed before you book!

4.  It’s difficult to travel with infants and toddlers

Well, sure. But it’s also difficult to “stay” with infants and toddlers. Babies require constant attention and care – wherever you are! So why not cash in on your brownie points for bringing an adorable baby with around the world? Most cultures will admire your efforts and they’ll be a great conversation starter to get to know fellow travellers or even locals. Sure, there is an additional logistics matter to take care of but these days it’s easier than you think to ensure all your baby gear travels with you and there are loads of lodging options that cater to small children’s needs.

5.  The children are too young

Many parents are commonly concerned that their children won’t be able to make the most of their holiday because they will be too young to remember it. They couldn’t be more wrong! There are loads of advantages to bringing your children along with you on holiday, and I’ve written an article on it right here.

6.  I won’t be able to get any alone time with my spouse

It’s not rare that couples don’t get to spend as much alone time during their busy work week and holidays become the perfect opportunity to sneak it some romantic alone time. For couples like this, a legitimate concern is that a family holiday with the kids won’t allow them to enjoy some much needed couple time. However, nowadays most hotels offer the ideal facilities such as baby-sitting services and kid’s clubs to ensure your little ones are well taken care of and you get to spend some quiet time alone with your spouse.

7. Cruises are all-inclusive

Cruises are an excellent holiday choice for families. While they cover most meals, beverages and activities aboard the ship, though, it’s important to remember that not everything is included! Most likely, all of your on-shore activities and guided tours will incur an additional charge. So when you’re planning for your next cruise holiday, make sure to include these on your travel budget.