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7 Hotels In Paris You’ll Never Want To Leave

Posted by Adam Smith on 15/04/2017
7 Hotels In Paris You'll Never Want To Leave Featured Image

Every year millions of tourists visit the beautiful city of Paris. This “City of Lights” does have that intoxicating pull and it is also known for its rich culture and fun places. The city has an abundance of swanky bars, restaurants, cafes, and fashion boutiques. This beautiful city is well-connected with the metro system, so you have the option of choosing a hotel in any part of the city as per your requirement.


So, without any further ado, let me share 7 hotels in Paris and what they have to offer to you and your family. 


Hotel Panache


Hotel Panache is, without a doubt, an ideal place to stay when you want to enjoy the best of luxury and top-notch services. The interiors are designed by Dorothée Meilichzon and it is a hot favourite for all those who relish cool décor, affordable rooms, and a touch of elegance. Let us divert our attention to one of the important assets of this hotel i.e. rooms. You get to choose a room from a total of 40 beautifully designed rooms having hallway sofas, triangular desks, and corner mirror.

 Hotel Panache, Paris
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Grand Pigalle Hotel


The hotel is set in SoPi (South Pigalle) and the credit for its captivating French interiors again goes to Dorothée Meilichzon. If you opted to take a room on the upper floors, then you get to enjoy a picture perfect view from your room. The hotel has a rich connection between food and beverage. You will find the absence of lobby in the hotel downstairs, all you will find is a desk that guards the antique-style door which opens into bar and restaurant on the ground floor.


You can choose Parisian Room suites, having vintage-style furniture, faux fireplaces, beautiful pressed ceilings, and colourful tiled bathrooms. Other facilities at the hotel comprise of – laundry service, Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, Revo sound system, free bottled water, minibar, HD TV, and much more.

 Grand Pigalle Hotel
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La Belle Juliette


This 4-star hotel is aptly located close to Luxembourg Gardens. It is an ideal choice for a romantic getaway or a family stay. The hotel is known for its amenities and premier services including in-house spa and swimming pool. The hotel has a total of 45 rooms and every room enjoys attractive colourful interiors and a mouth-watering Parisian breakfast. The staff here is super-friendly and you certainly feel the warmth by the way they welcome you at the hotel.


The best thing about the hotel is that every room has its own distinctive look and with those huge windows, you get to enjoy a glimpse of beautiful Paris and its beautiful surroundings. As far as the facilities at the hotel go, you get – courtyard terrace, flatscreen TV, iMac, minibar, and if you go for deluxe rooms, you will be provided Nespresso machines as well.

 La Belle Juliette, Paris
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Hotel Adele & Jules


This one is indeed a charismatic hotel in the heart of Paris. The interiors of the hotel are exquisitely styled and the interiors are being designed by the renowned designer Stephane Poux. When it comes to variety of rooms, you will be spoilt for choice, you can make a choice from – Urbane Parisian style, Boulevard Club, Capitale Junior Suite, Faubourg Deluxe, and Parisian Superior Elegant. You will surely love the lively interiors, in-room facilities, and aesthetic details that bring out the best of comfort and luxury.


I chose Boulevard Club and it featured – a balcony offering a panoramic view of the city, gorgeous French windows, and all the modern amenities including Wi-Fi access, air-conditioning, writing desk, Bluetooth acoustic speakers, and a flat screen TV.

 Hotel Adele & Jules, Paris
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Saint James Paris


This hotel certainly has a charm of its own and it is impossible not to be impressed. The detailed and elegant interior design by Bambi Sloan will surely leave you awestruck. The lobby has some elegant madness by Ms. Sloan and striking white and black staircase will surely impress you. The hotel has 48 bedrooms and suites, framed dining rooms, and a spa. The site was also the first hot-ballooning airfield in Paris.


Rooms and suites are airy and every room has its own character. You also get lavish sofas, lacquered desks, and various other elements helping the rooms look attractive. The hotel has to offer the best facilities including – car parking, Guerlain spa, a hammam (Moroccan styled), gym, restaurant, bar, laundry, Wi-Fi and much more. Its Michelin-starred restaurant is a great place to taste some of the finest dishes. You can also enjoy a casual lunch at the galleried bar and on the terrace during the summers.

 Saint James Paris, Paris
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Hotel Recamier


Designed by Jean-Louis Deniot, this 24-room hotel is located in a secluded spot, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the best in luxury and timeless treasure. With its extensive range of collector’s items, modern décor, and signature aromas, you will certainly want to unwind here after having an exciting exploration of the attractions that Paris has to offer.


Mr. Deniot, with its creamy shades, geometric lines, and clever lighting, has successfully given a distinctive look to every room. You can choose a room from – Dormeuse Classic, Fetiche Tradition, Amulette Deluxe, and Talisman Club. The rooms have the best of features including – central heating, hairdryer, bathrobes, toiletries, television, Wi-Fi, and iPod dock.

 Hotel Recamier, Paris
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Hotel Verneuil


This 4-star hotel is ideally located within walking distance to majority of the Paris’ attractions. Its location is one of the key elements that makes this hotel a preferred and popular hotel in Paris. You will surely cherish its tastefully decorated rooms having splashes of cream, turquoise, and orange. With stone arches and wooden beams, every room gets a unique charm and look.


Hotel Verneuil offers 4 types of rooms – Classic, Club, Deluxe, and Connecting. As far as facilities are concerned, you will have free Wi-Fi, flatscreen TV, L’Occitane bath products, and much more. Just off the lobby, you will find the bar, a perfect place to lounge with friends and family members.

Hotel Verneuil, Paris
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