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6 ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Spectacular Caribbean Islands

Posted by Nicole West on 05/11/2016
6 ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Spectacular Caribbean Islands

It’s that time of year when we’re all looking longingly out the window to an imaginary island in the sun. A tropical holiday is just what you need, to chase away the cold-weather blues. So, where to then?

The Bahamas, Jamaica and Bermuda conjure those perfect images of swaying palm trees and white-sands, but why not get ‘off the beaten path’ and visit some of the Caribbean’s less-known islands, for a taste of the exotic? 


If you’re pining for a romantic holiday for two, Nevis is just the place to find seclusion and dreamy nights under the starry sky. It’s the smaller of the two islands that make up the Federations of St. Kitts and Nevis and the capital, Charlestown, offers Georgian-style buildings, among British colonial relics. But it’s the sandy beaches, lush tropical rain forests and fantastic diving at Booby High Shoals that make this island an underrated gem.


6 ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Spectacular Caribbean Islands

Trinidad is the place to go for all night parties and mass tourism, but it’s tiny Tobago that allows you to truly rest, rejuvenate and do little more than sip your cocktail by the sea. Located just off the coast of Venezuela, here you can dive with abundant marine life, visit nature reserves, stay in a rustic guesthouse and have sundowners at bars, right on the sand.


6 ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Spectacular Caribbean Islands

Anguilla has a little bit of everything, for everyone. The jet set love it for its upscale, exclusive feel, those searching for shacks on the beach will find them and ocean-lovers will be in a true, blue-tinged paradise. Though the laid-back vibe mixed with the gentle, salty breeze is enough to lull you into a sense of total bliss, you’ll also find ample opportunities for diving and water sports.


6 ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Spectacular Caribbean Islands

The smell of spices in the air makes you really feel like you’ve landed in an exotic destination, in Grenada. With the world’s first underwater sculpture park, a rugged interior for hiking, waterfalls, historic sites and coral reefs, you’ll never be left with nothing to do. However, doing nothing, especially on a boat sailing through aqua waters, might be the only thing on your agenda.


Wild horses roam the countryside, Mosquito Bay glows blue and green with microorganisms and the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge is home to the endangered green sea turtle. This natural paradise isn’t where you’ll find big chain hotels, but you will find utter serenity on a backdrop of pristine coast.


6 ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Spectacular Caribbean Islands

Choose from no less than 35 beaches, on a holiday to idyllic Curacao. With a UNESCO World Heritage listed capital city, beautiful European architecture, museums, monuments and restaurants, there’s also plenty to do off the water. Divers flock to the island for incredible underwater sites and couples exchange wedding vows in lush resorts. 

Next time you’re looking dreamily out the window, check out deals to the Caribbean instead and get ready for an island adventure!