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6 Easy Ways to Save Money for a Holiday

Posted by Guest Contributor on 28/02/2017
6 Easy Ways to Save Money for a Holiday Featured Image

Would you love to travel more and take more holidays each year? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Along with time constraints, many people are held back by funds. Saving enough cash to take trips can be difficult when juggled with the other competing expenses of life. There are, however, some fairly easy ways that you can save money for holidays. Start feeding your money box and begin looking forward to more fabulous holidays around the world.

Whether you’re dreaming of the beach or yearning for the mountains, and whether you love taking road trips or can’t wait to explore a new city, follow your passions and do more of the things you enjoy.

1. Sell Things You Don’t Want

Although this may seem like an obvious way to get some extra cash, it’s something that many people overlook. Perhaps it’s difficult to part with things and you’re bogged down by thinking that something might come in useful one day. It’s time to be ruthless. Go through your closet, your drawers, your cupboards, your junk room, you loft, your garage and anywhere else that you hoard things. If you haven’t used something in the past year, there’s a big chance that you don’t really need it. Work out what you can sell and hold a garage sale, post an advertisement or list on an online selling site. When the money starts to come in, make sure that you keep in a separate place that is dedicated to saving for your holiday.

2. Check Your Bills and Memberships

Another great way to save money for holidays is to make sure that you aren’t paying more than you need to for things like utility bills, insurance and memberships. Compare suppliers and switch if there are savings to be made. Be sure to put the difference in your travel fund!

Are there any services that you no longer need? If you pay for a gym membership that you barely use it might be high time you thought about cancelling. The same goes for subscriptions. Sometimes we leave arrangements in place because of laziness, rather than an actual desire to receive a product or service.

3. Be Credit Card Savvy

If you already have a credit card, see what added perks it provides. Some offer things like travel insurance, roadside assistance and point schemes, all of which can help you to save money for your holidays. Some cards offer cash back on purchases. If you have a balance, see if you can switch to a card that offers a lower rate of interest.

4. Work Extra Hours

Working extra can be a terrific way to get more money for your holidays. Companies like Workfast offer temping jobs that can be done remotely from anywhere, thus letting you fit in your work around other commitments. You could also do things the more traditional way, by taking on some evening or weekend shifts in a bar, restaurant or shop to supplement your existing income.

5. Cut Down on Your Spending

Cutting down on spending is often easier said than done. Plus, it can be difficult to see how a couple of saved pounds here and there can help you to take a holiday. But, if you keep the money separate, and start to see it grow, you’ll soon understand the benefits! Each time you think about making a non-essential purchase, ask yourself whether you really want the item. It may be that you would appreciate a holiday more than a few new books or magazine, several pieces of clothing or the latest gadget.

6. Ask for Cash!

No, this doesn’t mean asking for handouts to pay for your holiday. But, if people generally give you gifts for your birthday or other special occasions, politely ask if they could give you the cash equivalent instead to put towards your holiday. In a world where many people have numerous things, a lot of people can understand why cold hard cash is sometimes more useful and appreciated. You could also consider speaking with your loved ones and suggesting that all gift-buying stops. You might be surprised how many people are relieved by this! Everyone can save money for what they want.

It might not be a walk in the park, but it is usually possible to save money for holidays if you put your mind to it. Remember, your holidays don’t need to be super expensive or to far-flung destinations for you to have a great time. And, always check the latest deals to make your holiday fund stretch even more.