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6 Car Rental Tips For Travellers Before Hiring A Car

Posted by Sophia Jones on 01/03/2017
6 Car Rental Tips For Travellers Before Hiring A Car Photo2

Need to hire a car on your next excursion? If you want to enjoy freedom while you are travelling, then renting a car is the best way. It is one of the effective ways to get around and explore various places and attractions at your own pace. As a traveller when you rent a car, you also have to face different complexities while you are on the trip such as having the best deal or which insurance option you should go for. Here are some helpful car rental tips you should consider, as a traveller, before hiring a car.



You may have completed the paperwork and you have a feeling that you are all set to collect your car from the destined airport, but there are times when you have to come face to face with some additional forms you need to sign.

Most of the times, it is the additional insurance according to which you need to pay a particular amount (as a fee) per day and it is mainly designed to cut down any excess you would have to pay in case anything goes wrong. Make sure you don’t sign anything you are unsure of. Make sure you have read the document repeatedly; you can call the company you have originally hired to cross-check the details. No further payments could be necessary if you have opted for third-party policy.

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This can really come out as a shocker if you have not contemplated beforehand. You have to ensure that your rental contract has the details, but it easily gets overlooked. A deposit of hundred pounds may be deducted from your credit card for the full duration of your car hire and it gets re-credited only when you will return your car. This will cut down the amount of money that is available for your excursion to a large extent. Make sure you have confirmed all this prior to approving your rental. Some companies require nothing at all or may be the minimal amount on deposit. 

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How To Pay


There is a significant difference between a debit card, which is commonly used for making online payments for your car hire, and a credit card. You will be needing a credit card when you want to pick up your car abroad. Even though debit cards are being used across the globe, car hire companies usually prefer credit cards. You have to ensure you also have a credit card with your name inscribed on it when you arrive at your destination. Any probable mishap can be easily averted, all you need is to check this prior to booking and making clear what you require.

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This may sound apparent, but it is imperative you have a valid licence with you. To be on a safer side, it is advisable to carry both the plastic card and the paper version. It is safe to keep the photocopy of both at your hotel in case you accidentally lose them. If you are hiring a car in your home town, all you need is to carry your debit/credit card, necessary paperwork, and licence to give a proof of where you are living. If you are in a foreign country, it is imperative to have your flight details and passport.

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Age Policies


If your age is over 70, you may have to face some complications. Some companies don’t prefer to rent people over 70 years of age and all those who do, they tend to charge a huge premium. At times, such details are buried deep in the depths of the paperwork when you book online and they are often overlooked. Make sure you have confirmed with the company about the age restrictions.

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Carrying Your Own Child Seats


The car rental company may charge you as much as £50 (for a week) for a child’s car seat. If you are carrying your own seat, it may fit your kid better instead of the one provided by the car rental company. You can take the seat without paying anything on some airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. With EasyJet, you can check in a child’s car seat without paying anything if you are travelling with an infant under two. 

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