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6 Best Beach Wedding Locations in the World

Posted by Roxana Oliver on 19/03/2016
Best Beach Wedding Locations

What makes a wedding perfect? Is it the wedding dress, the music, the food or something else? We say that, although all of these things have their part in the ceremony success, it is the venue that can elevate even a simple ceremony all the way to the stars. We cannot possibly imagine a better wedding location than a beach – it makes everything more romantic and photo-worthy. Because of that reason, many couples today decide to exchange their vows in stunning beach locations around the world. If you are planning your wedding under the clear skies and with the blue ocean in the background, here are the best of the best beaches for saying “I do”.


Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

Let us start small. This is the perfect wedding location for the couples who want to keep things at a minimum, and by ‘things’ we mean ‘guests’. An intimate ceremony at the Guana Island allows no more than 36 guests. This Caribbean gem is a true getaway with unique fauna and flora, white-sand beaches and by the ocean accommodations. A wide selection of activities (sailing, snorkeling, hiking, tennis, etc.) will make your honeymoon unforgettable.
Guana IslandFlickr – Jean-Marc Astesana

New Providence Island, Bahamas

Oh, the Bahamas… One of celebrities’ favorite wedding destinations. So, why would not you go with the flow and tie the knot in this tropical paradise? New Providence Island is perfect for couples who want a sophisticated and exotic wedding in an English-speaking destination. Also, you can never get bored in New Providence, which combines the atmosphere of an undiscovered tropical island with the lure of the big capital city – Nassau.
BahamsFlickr – Bill Dickinson

Long Reef Beach, Australia

Located only about 20km from Sydney’s central business district and nestled between nature reserves, Long Reef Beach stretches for almost 2km and provides a piece of Nature’s heaven so close to the bustling city life. Still being relatively unknown by the tourists and beloved and cherished by the locals, Long Reef is slowly becoming famous for the best and most intimate wedding receptions in Sydney.
Long Reef beachFlickr - Crouchy69

Naka Island, Thailand

This island is perfect for couples that want a banquet fit for a king and queen, with an amazing view on the water’s edge. The delicious and world-class Thai cuisine will surely make your wedding the story of the year. With approximately 70 luxury villas, Naka Island will truly elevate your wedding to a royal ceremony. Naka Island later transforms into a honeymoon location, by offering activities such as spa, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, etc.
Naka islandFlickr – Lee Phelps Photography

Apulia (Puglia), Italy

There is no better place in the world to say your vows, than in the land of love and passion itself – Italy. Sure, you can go for the more obvious choice, such as Venice, but Apulia offers fascinating scenery and the sandy beaches are just a start. With stone fortress vertically on the sea and caves dug into the rock, this little town in Southern Italy is probably the most scenic wedding destination in Europe.

PugliaFlickr – Guglielmo D’Arezzo

Miami, Florida, USA

With its beach appeal, white sand, surfing spots and world-famous amusement park, Miami can compete with some of the hottest destinations of the Caribbean and Mexico. Besides offering you an amazing tropical wedding at reasonable prices, the Magic City will dazzle you and your guests with its big-city sophistication. Take all the amazing things a beach wedding has to offer, and add world-class entertainment, best parties and great music – that is Miami.

MiamiFlickr – Martin Pilát

People say that some event is as beautiful as the memory of it. Make your wedding the most amazing memory of all, by choosing some of these fabulous beach locations.