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6 Apps To Help You Make Money While Travelling

Posted by Adam Smith on 02/03/2017
6 Apps To Help You Make Money While Travelling Featured Image

Have you ever asked yourself the question, can I earn money while travelling? Well the answer is yes, you can earn money while travelling and it is not difficult. Actually it is quite easy and it can be fun. Below are 6 apps to help you make money while travelling. These apps won’t make you filthy rich but at least they can help you earn money and offset some of your travel expenses for your upcoming travel.




Airmule is a simple concept. You can sell your extra baggage space on air travel. If an individual has anything that needs to be shipped to the same place where you are travelling to and you happen to have some extra baggage space, you can be paid for using that extra baggage space.


You receive 80% of the sender’s fee and in if the departure happens to be within next 48 hours of your departure time or if you don’t mind picking up a package, then you will be paid even more than the standard amount.

 Airmule App
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If you are an avid photographer and you are good with your photography skills and you don’t mind selling your pictures, then this can really come handy for you. All you need is the download the Foap app on your smartphone, you can use this app to sell photographs to some of the leading brands such as Heineken, Garnier, Axe, Visit Sweden, helping them in their digital marketing endeavours.


The best part is that you can upload your photographs via your smartphone directly. If any brand shows interest in buying any of your photographs, they will pay you for that. Above all, you can sell the same photo to other buyers, giving you an opportunity to earn more every time.

 Foap App
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Swagbucks Watch (TV)


No matter how you see it, travelling does include a lot of waiting. Instead of scrolling through your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can use your free time to earn some quick bucks. Swagbucks will pay you for watching movie trailers and short videos in categories such as fashion, travel, and recipes in SB form. You will have the chance of earning 2 SB for every six videos that you will watch, with typical active users earning 50 to 100 SB per day. The moment you have racked up enough, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards. 

Swagbucks Watch App
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Field Agent


Field Agent can be a great excuse if you are looking to stroll around the local surroundings. All you need is to install the app on your smartphone and you need to choose the location of the place and locate the gigs near to your location. Entirely based on your work, you will have a chance of being paid on an hourly basis.


All those companies on a lookout for the work in connection to on-the-ground market research may show interest in hiring you. You will be paid to your PayPal account via the currency of the gigs located.

 Field Agent App
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Are you planning to go on a road trip? Roadie app will pay every time you transport items in your trunk to another location in the United Kingdom. For local deliveries, you can earn fair amounts but carrying oversized items long-distance will earn you the most.


As a roadie, you will get paid for driving to places you are already going to. Senders post Gigs along with the pictures and details of their items and you get choose based on the price, reviews, location, and sender ratings. There is no bartering or bidding involved. It’s quite simple, you will be easily paid directly within the app.

 Roadie App
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This is a great app that connects senders with travellers. You need to download the Zaldee app in order to earn via making use of excess baggage available while you are travelling across states, cities, and countries.


As a traveller you can do the following things –


  • Edit your journey and all senders will be informed


  • Manage your journeys while you are on the go and enjoy earning while you are travelling


  • Receive requests from all those people who are interested in sending their package


  • Easily manage your profile and ask for recommendations from your friends and family members


  • Check the profile of the sender and get to know the sender better


  • Have a chat with the sender while you are on the go using the app


  • Accept or decline any request you have received


Zaldee App
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