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5 Tips to Enjoy Berlin on a Budget

Posted by Hotels Click on 05/02/2016
5 Tips to Enjoy Berlin on a Budget

Berlin is one of the most lively and surprising cities in Europe. The German capital offers a combination of different styles and a special atmosphere that makes Berlin an unforgettable holiday experience. Thanks to these tips you will enjoy your trip in Berlin without breaking the bank. 

1. Discover the most important attractions in Berlin on a budget

berlin attractions
Berlin Charlotteenburger Schloss – Charlottenburg Palace, photo credit: Joerg Schickedanz via Flickr

Berlin is rich in museums and sights, and most of them are affordable.

All the national museums only charge adults entries, and numerous museums and attractions in Berlin give free entrance to children and teenagers up to 18 years old. So, be sure to bring your ID to get discounted prices.

Among the sites of interest that are totally free, don’t miss out the opportunity to visit part of the former Berlin Wall between Ostbahnhof and Warschauer Straße: the East Side Gallery which represents a true open-air-gallery. Admittance at the Reichstag is also free of charge and from here you can enjoy a wonderful view of Berlin.

2. Where to stay in Berlin without breaking the bank? 

where to stay in berlin
Lux 11 Hotel Berlin, photo credit: Corinna Witt via Flickr

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3. Getting around in Berlin without breaking the bank

getting around berlin
photo credit: Francesco Moccia via Flickr

You can easily reach tourist highlights by bus and S-/U-Bahn. You can take also the M100 and M200 bus routes, which touch the most important points of interest of Berlin. The M200 bus route takes the route south of the Tiergarten via Potsdamer Platz, while the M100 bus takes the north side of the Tiergarten, via the Victory Column, the Bellevue Palace and the famous Reichstag. 

And don’t forget to buy the Berlin WelcomeCard: this travel card allows Berlin visitors to travel for free with all public transport services. Visit the official website and discover all the different ticket types available.

4. Street Food in Berlin: food trucks 

street food in berlin
Spatzle, Wochenmarkt – Markthalle Neuon, photo credit: Richard Ricciardi via Flickr

Berlin is the reign of street food. The German capital is appreciated for its food trucks where you can enjoy delicious food without breaking the bank. It’s not difficult to find at every corner of the street a vendor selling Pizza, Turkish Kebab, falafel, giant wurst or ice cream. 

If you want to taste the authentic German cuisine, in Berlin you will have the occasion to enjoy local delicacies like the Apfelstrudel, the classic apple strudel, the Brotzuppe, a soup made with bread. 

5. Shopping in Berlin

shopping in berlin
“East Berlin” clothing store, photo credit: Karen via Flickr

Berlin is considered a truly paradise for shopping enthusiasts. In comparison to the other European capitals, in the City West of Berlin you can find brand stores with more consumer-friendly prices. Have a look at the famous KaDeWe shopping centre or go to Kurfürstendamm and Friedrichstraße, the most important shopping streets of the German capital.

Featured image: (c) istock/thinkstock