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5 Reasons You Should Visit Lanzarote

Posted by Jess Signet on 04/01/2016

Lanzarote is a somewhat little-known island just of the coast off Northern Africa. This tiny land mass has an unfair reputation for being overcrowded in the summer seasons. However for those with the right knowledge, there are many different sides to this exotic island that make it the perfect stop for any holidaymaker. From breathtaking geological features, rich culture and a vibrant nightlife, you are sure to find something to make your trip there worthwhile. Here are just a few of the islands highlights.

Timanfaya National Park

Covering the southwestern part of the island, Timanfya National Park, or “Fire Mountain,” is perhaps the most stunning and well-known natural attraction that Lanzarote has to offer. The park was created from the eruption of hundreds of volcanoes during the 1700s, and the Basalt-covered landscape it has left has rightly been described as “out of this world.” 

Although the volcanic ranges are not accessible by foot, there are many companies that run bus tours that offer scenic views of the impressive lava fields. Those wanting to get a bit more intimate with the incredible rock formations should be sure to check out the volcano-top restaurant that uses the geothermic heat to barbeque the meat that it serves!

lanzarote timanfaya volcanoes
Timanfaya National Park – image source: neufal54 via pixabay

Beach Trips

No adventure to any exotic island would be complete without a beach trip; however the reputation of Lanzarote, the most popular of the Canary Islands, for its overcrowded beaches may put some people off. Luckily, with the right knowledge, you can easily avoid the tourist areas and find some of the real hidden gems that the island’s coastline has to offer. Although Papagayo may be arguably the most beautiful of the beaches, with its long stretches of white sands, it is also definitely the busiest. Its reputation and close proximity to the Playa Blanca Resort means that in peak season there it’s a tourist hotspot; however in the colder months, it also offers a scenic walk.

For those looking for some thrills in the sea itself, Famara is the place to go. The spectacular cliff faces and curved bay make it the perfect spot for surfing, kite-surfing and windsurfing, and out of the water, there are many places that offer hang-gliding experiences from the cliffs themselves. If you want to get away from the tourist areas, just head up north to Las Conchas or La Garita, both of which are beaches favored by locals. They are both by campsites and villages, so you can also find a place to stay away from the more crowded southern coast. 

lanzarote beaches
Lanzarote Beaches – image source: neufal54 via pixabay


One benefit of the tourism on this island is that it ensures a vibrant, varied and lively nightlife. The main stretch around Puerto del Carmen has a number of different lounges, bars and clubs that are always guaranteed to provide a party, especially in areas around the Avenida del playas that stay lively until much later. In the Playa Blanca resort, you can find a more high-end nightlife. The Marina Rubicon is a stunning place for a casual drink with magnificent views across the harbor.

If you’re still looking to avoid the mainstream hustle and bustle of the island, further around the coast the city of Arrecife is a popular party destination for the locals and caters to all ages and music tastes of all types. Not only is there a vast array of bars and clubs, there are also some hotels that offer a pool/bar combo for those looking for something a bit different. The Arrecife food market is also a great way to get yourself through those trying hangovers in the heat; stock up on food, make sure you have a working VPN and head back to your hotel room to catch up on Netflix!

lanzarote nightlife
lanzarote nightlife – image source: Francesco Crippa via Flickr

Cesar Manrique Foundation

For art lovers, this is definitely a must-see. The Cesar Manrique Foundation, or Fundación César Manrique as it will be signposted, pays tribute to its namesake. Manrique was a twentieth century artist whose modern and unique architectural designs can be seen all over the island.

The foundation itself is situated in the late artists studio-home that, amazingly, was created using the trail of the islands notorious volcanic eruptions. The house is built inside five solidified lava bubbles and makes for a fascinating day out for its artistic, historic and natural magnificence. There are regularly organized reflection and debate forums inside the center in an attempt to conserve the work and ideals of Manrique and contemplate the use and importance of the natural landscape in his work.

Other great spots to see Manriques work include the Mirador Del Rio, an impressive viewing platform with a spectacular view over the bay to the island of La Graciosa; the Jameos Del Agua, his first project famous for its natural acoustics and home of a classical music auditorium and the notorious windmill that stands majestically outside his iconic home.

Cesar Manrique Foundation
Cesar Manrique Foundation – image source Rich Jacques via Flickr


If you’re looking for a real hidden gem, Tenesar is definitely a good place to check out. Quite literally “off the beaten track,” which can be found on the road to Timafaya, this abandoned village is a great place to explore and will most definitely be tourist free. Although there are still a few local residents, and some of the houses are used on weekends, a large amount of the buildings are in ruins, which creates an amazing ghost-town feel. The little white houses against the black volcanic rock on which it is built create a spectacular scene, great for photographers but just as enjoyable to simply to wander around. There is even a small black beach for those who fancy a spot of sunbathing or swimming in a very unique location.

Tenesar Lanzarote
Tenesar, Lanzarote – image source Enric Rubio Ros via Flickr

Lanzarote can be a holidaymaker’s paradise once you know the right places to look. It’s a melting pot of every type of attraction you could hope for, all in one tiny picturesque island—and the weathers not bad either! If you have any other suggestions for places to visit and things to do, be sure to comment below and share you experiences!

Author Bio: Jess Signet is an avid traveler and travel writer. She enjoys sharing her experiences and tips with those planning their adventures.