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5 Must Visit Islands in Croatia

Posted by Romeo Demes on 28/12/2016

The Islands of Croatia are known to offer everything from skinny dipping to sailing and all night parties to organic wines all over thousands of islands, reefs, and islets. You can spend your nights on either of these islands in a back-to-basics cottage with no running water or electricity or a boutique hotel depending on what you are willing to tolerate. Below are 5 of the most popular islands in Croatia that you must take a tour in whenever you are visiting the country.

1. Hvar

Hvar is Croatia’s most presentable island destination. The lush vineyards, impressive beaches, gently rolling hills and the lively nightlife of the island make it a perfect place for a getaway. Take a walk down the antique streets of this splendid island and you will get a view of the imposing fortifications that testify to the ancient history of the island. The island’s town is probably the most stunning part of it but a number of villages that dot around the coasts or are nestled in Hvar’s lush interior such as Starigrad, Jesla, and many others are also well worth a visit.

Hvar Island, Croatia
photo credit: mark heard via flickr

2. Vis

Vis was previously a military base for the Yugoslav armed forces and no foreigners were allowed to enter the zone until 1989 when the yacht sailors invaded the island after the last Yugoslav submarine left. Now Vis is a happy summer getaway island with informal taverns that serve a rare type of seafood to guests. This beautiful but remote island is also popular for its long history of wine growing, making it a must-visit for wine experts. The islands’ isolation has managed to maintain the style and charm of the life characteristics of the 1950′s and often attract tourists who want to catch a glimpse of what the Mediterranean looked like before. The isolated beaches are breathtaking, historical monuments and beautiful clear waters are definitely a delight to all visitors.

Vis Island, Croatia
photo credit: mali mish via flickr

3. Kornati

The Kornati islands are comprised of approximately 130 reefs, islands, and islets and have also been sprayed with a wide array of vineyards, fig trees, and olive trees. There are also rare trees and Mediterranean scrubs complete with a landscape that is set against chalk limestone. Visitors can take a walk along the meandering pathways in order to enjoy a clear view of the open seas from one of the huge cliffs that rise up from the island. The presence of people who settled on the Kornati islands date all the way back to 10,000 BC but due to ensuing erosion and deforestation, the Kornati islands are now mostly uninhabited.

Kornati Islands, Croatia
photo credit: pixabay

4. Brac

The vast island of Brac is located just south of the split coasts. The island is a very popular destination for tourists who visit Croatia due to its isolated bays, clear water, rolling hills, and its pine and fig trees. Anyone visiting the island for the first time will discover that there are many beautiful sights to enjoy in Brac such as the island’s museum in the village of Skrip, the famous Zaltni Rat beach that is located near Bol, and Dragon’s Cave on the southern end of the island. The tallest mountain on the island, known as Vidova Gora Mountain, is also well worth a visit. The common activities that take place in Brac normally include things such as diving, windsurfing, kite surfing and taking a stroll in one of the many private caves and pebble beaches.

Brac Island, Croatia
photo credit: onthego tours via flickr

5. Rab

Rab is located just north of Croatia’s coast. It is known to be a densely wooded island in the country. The island is also home to a wide variety of botanic life including plants that are non-native. Komrcar Park is a very popular tourist attraction facility on Rab which is also home to various types of trees and plants and also features a cave that is over 100 years old. Rab is also known to be one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic due to the existence of more than 300 freshwater springs. The island’s mild winters and warm summers make it an excellent holiday spot for any time of the year.

Island of Rab, Croatia
photo credit: pixabay

Most of these popular Croatian islands normally get busy during the peak season, but there is always ample accommodation available for you and your friends or family. All of these islands can be easily visited with the local ferry or with a boat from a local charter agency. Take a trip to the Croatian islands today, and experience an amazing presentation of beautiful beaches and ancient memories while performing all sorts of activities that will leave you with happy memories that last a lifetime.