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5 Best Cities to Explore on Two Wheels

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 27/09/2014
5 Best Cities to Explore on Two Wheels

There are many different ways to travellers to explore different cities, but deciding to discover a new city on two wheels is one of the ways with the most advantages. Not only do you save money (goodbye city tour buses and expensive car rentals!) but you can pretty much reach any part of the city on your own terms while enjoying the pleasant weather. Of course, not all cities are bicycle-friendly, however. So we’ve put together a list of the 5 best cities in the world that are perfect for you to explore from your bike seat! And as a bonus, we’ve recommended a trail in each city for you to try if you don’t know where to start exploring.

1.  Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s impossible to talk about biking and not mention Amsterdam – after all, it’s one of the most bike friendly cities in Europe. If you want to experience the city like the locals, rent a bike at your hotel or in the nearest rental company and get ready to learn the art of biking in the Netherlands.

Suggested Path: The Jordaan district.

2.  Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is another European city that is practically synonymous with biking. With its environmental friendly attitude, extensive bike paths and over 100 bike parks, it is almost impossible to find a European city that is as well equipped to host bike lovers from all over the world. Rent a bike and explore the city like the locals and if you want to ride the metro at any point, you don’t have to worry – buy a regular ticket and you can bring your bike along with you!

Suggested Path: The Bridge Route. Starting at Dronning Louises Bro, this path will take you on a 10 km ride through popular picnic spots in parks and gardens, urban design hotspots, shopping venues, metro stations, and historical sites.

3.  Paris, France

Paris is an easy city to explore on two wheels because of its Vélib’ bike-rental programme that provides over 20,000 bikes in 1,800 pick-up and drop-off spots throughout the city. These can usually be found near metro stations and at any bike stand, making it convenient for travellers looking to explore the whole city. The best part? The first 30 minutes are absolutely free!

Suggested Path: The Latin Quarter.

4.  Austin, Texas, USA

Although Austin’s bike scene has stayed mostly under the radar, the city has made vast investments in its bike-friendly infrastructures and it has undoubtedly been paying off. Explore Texas’s quirky capital and discover its spectacular Bike Zoo or venture off into the mountainous surroundings for a little extra adventure

Suggested Path: The paths along Lady Bird Lake.

5. Washington, D.C., USA

Some cities are beautiful but constantly jammed with traffic. Washington D.C. is definitely one of them! So the best way to avoid the busy traffic and still enjoy the splendid city views is to hop on a two-wheeler and bike your way around the capital of the United States. Plus, with the Capital Bikeshare programme, you have almost 2,000 bikes available at various points throughout the city!