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30 Fictional Destinations You Can Visit In Real Life [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 10/03/2017
30 Fictional Destinations You Can Visit In Real Life Featured Image

With more flights and destinations available to us than ever before, it can almost be impossible to select a holiday destination.


It is for this reason that we then decide to choose by specific characteristics. For example, if you love nothing more than perfect beaches, you might take a look at the Trip Advisor Top Beaches list and select your favourite.


For those who prefer a sightseeing holiday, there might be certain landmark-heavy destinations you’d like to tick off.


This list of ‘150 Most Famous Landmarks In The World’ on List Challenges is a perfect example of the type of bucket list approach you might like to take.


Destinations and Popular Culture


However, for some, it isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the destination’s relation to popular culture.


A great example of this is the many brilliant theme parks around the world. There is now a theme park for just about everything and for super fans, they are the perfect holiday.


Just take a look at this list of the top theme parks in the world on which attract millions of visitors each year.


There has been a growing trend in recent years to create theme and amusement parks which centre on one particular premise.


A number of popular examples of this include the Harry Potter Studio Tour, LegoLand, Disneyland (there is a number) and Ferrari World.


Because of the aforementioned improvements in international travel, an even more adventurous strand of visiting culturally significant locations has emerged.


Fictional and Real Locations


Now people don’t just travel theme parks, but to the location that a fictional work is either based on or was filmed at.


One of the most discussed examples of this in recent years is the set of HBO television series Game of Thrones.


While the show is shot in a number of locations across the world, Northern Ireland has been the centre of its operations.


Ultimately, this has lead to a massive site in Northern Irish tourism. In 2016, BBC News reported that Game of Thrones inspired tourism has brought the area £150m.


But it’s not just Game of Thrones locations which are drawing tourism from around the world, there are lots of other weird and wonderful locations.


30 Fictional Destinations You Can Visit In Real Life


A new infographic from has compiled a list of the world’s most exciting locations based or used in fictional works.


It’s called ‘30 Fictional Destinations You Can Visit In Real Life’ and you can take a look at it at the bottom of this page.


As well as one of the more glamorous Games of Throne locations (Gozo, Malta), this list features examples from every corner of the world.


There’s something for everyone, so whether you’re into sci-fi, family friendly blockbusters or tv dramas, there’s a location that will get you excited.


For example, for fans of the massive AMC narcotics drama breaking bad, there’s both the car wash which features prominently as well as the iconic Los Pollos Hermanos fast food restaurant.


For Star Wars fans, there’s the location for the rebel base, which is actually in Guatemala and the desert location from the original movie, which is in Tunisia.


For more on all these and a whole host of other exciting locations, take a look below.