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24 Things To See & Do In London In Just 24 Hours [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 14/03/2017
24 Things To See & Do In London In Just 24 Hours Featured Image

Over the course of the last decade or so, there has been a big shift in the types of holidays which we book.


The classic week away on a sunny beach is still popular, but is becoming increasingly replaced by another.


City Breaks On The Rise


City breaks have become very popular in recent years, with more holidaymakers preferring to enjoy a couple of long weekends away each year rather than committing to one week on a beach.


As this post from My News Desk shows, more Brits are choosing to spend three days in cities such as Reykjavik, not typically a popular destination.


The reasons for this are aplenty. Some attribute it to the cost per trip because flights can be so cheap for a short weekend break.


Others, such as the My News Desk article above, suggest that it is because holidaymakers are increasingly finding cultural attractions and landmarks important reasons to visit a destination. 


If the reason you choose a city break is because you want to take in the cultural landmarks of a country then Europe is filled with potential destinations.


Take a look at this list of European city breaks for 2017 from the Telegraph which is packed with culture and cities which will keep you busy for your entire trip.


However, quite comfortably one of the most popular destinations in Europe is a little closer to home.


London is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world, attracting a staggering 31.5 million people in 2015 according to this article from the Guardian.


Obviously, one of the biggest draws to London are its many attractions and cultural landmarks.


Take a look at this list of Europe’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions by Travel and Leisure. It lists 25 attractions and considering the number of brilliant tourist hotspots around Europe,

four of them are in London!


24 Things To See & Do In London In Just 24 Hours


One of the only issues with London is its sheer size. Because there is so much to do in the English capital, it is widely regarded as somewhere which deserves repeat visits.


However, this isn’t obviously ideal for everyone. In fact, many of us might find we only have a day or two to explore a city over the course of a weekend.


With this in mind, the people at Central London Apartments have created an infographic which answers the question, ‘what can you see if you only have one day?’


It’s called 24 Things To See & Do In London In Just 24 Hours and you can take a look at it at the bottom of this post.


It begins bright and early at 6am and managers to cover an impressive selection of landmarks and experiences that everyone should aim to experience when the visit London.


There’s something for everyone in this whirlwind tour of London. From West End shows to the Natural History Museum, from the London Eye to the vibrant Covent Garden and plenty more, even if you don’t manage to complete this 24-hour mega challenge, you’ll have visited some truly memorable locations. 

London in 24 Hours Infographic