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20 of the Worlds Strangest Foods to Try Before You Die [Infographic]

Posted by James Brockbank on 03/08/2016
20 of the Worlds Strangest Foods to Try Before You Die

One of the greatest things about going on holiday is fully indulging yourself in a different culture. Whether it’s a short weekend break, a fortnight away or a couple of months travelling, it’s always well worth soaking up the local trends.

Some of us love taking in the history of an area, exploring the local landmarks and places of interest. Others like to explore the markets and shops in search of local trinkets.

The more adventurous among us like to taste the local cuisine, arguably the most immersive way of experiencing how the locals live.

However, with the ever expanding cultural diversity of the UK, you can now pick up many of these meals down at the local supermarket.

So, does all of this mean that we have begun to lose one of the great holiday experiences? Thankfully, the answer is a resounding no!

There are lots of stunning dishes in every corner of the world waiting to challenge your taste buds and broaden your horizons. So, if you consider your love for exotic cuisine as strong as your love for travelling the globe, where should you set your sights on next?

Well, when it comes to continents, generally Asia and Africa have a lot less in common with Europe than North America for example. So, if you fancy something truly unique, they could well be a good start.

For example, in the South-East Asian destination of Cambodia, you can treat yourself to a fried tarantula, complete with a side of black pepper and lime dip.

If you fancy a trip to an East African country such as Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania, you could try the weird and wonderful Nsenene. Essentially, this delicacy is long-horned grasshopper, fried in their own fat and served with onions. Take a look.

Also despite what you might think about Countries such as the U.S.A and its cuisine, there is still plenty of strange and intriguing dishes on offer besides hamburgers and doughnuts.

For example, in the northern state of Alaska, you can try the aptly titled Stinkheads. These are essentially fish heads (usually salmon) that are buried with fish innards and left to ferment.

These three examples merely scratch the surface of the world’s strangest foods. So, if you fancy a little more inspiration, or want to find a dish to try on your next holiday, take a look at the infographic below from Sous Vide Tools. 

Worlds Strangest Foods