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10 Ways To Entertain Yourself During A Road Trip

Posted by Adam Smith on 24/02/2017
10 Ways To Entertain Yourself During A Road Trip Featured Image

If you really want to make the most of your weekend, one of the best ways is to go on a road trip. With a plethora of travellers on the road could mean a longer card ride, therefore if you have plans of going on a lengthy road trip, here are some of the ways you can entertain yourself during the road trip.   

Sing Karaoke

All those who are not good at singing usually prefer to sing along whenever one of their favourite songs start to play. Being on a road trip is a great way if you want to test your singing skills. Whether you are travelling with your friends or family members, don’t forget to turn down the music low and see who is the next Robbie Williams. 

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Play Car Games

While you are on a long drive, you can make the most of playing an array of games. Some of the best ones include – licence plate BINGO, I spy, the alphabet game, and 20 questions. You can also try out something new, create a scavenger hunt. The items can comprise of a deer crossing sign, a car pulling a trailer or various other things that you usually come across on the road. Go on and work as a team to locate the items individually and whosoever finds everything will be declared the winner. 

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If going on a trip made you so excited that you ended up buying a new mp3 player, then make the most of it and fill it up with your favourite songs. Since you are well-aware of all those who are going with you on the trip, you can burn a CD containing the best songs of your friends or family members. This way, no one will get bored while you are travelling on a long highway as everybody will get a chance to listen to their favourite songs and they can sing along.  

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Choose An Interesting Route

Assuming you are not in a hurry, you can choose a road less travelled. Are you wondering how it is going to help you? Well, this way you and your accomplices will get a chance to enjoy a change in scenery. Above all, it is a great way to pass your free time when you are bored playing on Xbox and experiencing the sights you may have never seen before.   

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Take Picture And Record Videos

While you are on your way, you will be spending most of your time in the car, so you have a great opportunity of creating everlasting memories. Put your photography skills to test by clicking pictures of your friends or family members in different moods. You can make a video as well singing or dancing to their favourite songs. You can also capture the nature at its best whenever you stop to grab a snack or whether you are stopping just to freshen up.   

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Carry A Smartphone Or Tablet

Nowadays, having a smartphone or a tablet can be a boon whenever you are going out somewhere. These gadgets offer you great opportunity to stay entertained no matter where you are travelling. You can download your favourite apps and games, upload images on different social media platforms, or you can edit the photos you have clicked. There is so much you can do when you have a smartphone or a tablet with you.     

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Books And Magazines  

Magazines and novels never go out of fashion. So, whether you love cars & bikes or you love Hollywood, you can carry your favourite magazine along with you. E-readers are a great way to read your favourite books and magazines in a digital format. These magazines will also provide you with an opportunity to stay familiar with the latest happenings while you are on a long trip.    

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This goes without saying that everybody loves movies and watching your favourite movies, while you are travelling, is the best way to kill your free time. Don’t forget to carry your DVD player, you can also ask your friends and families about their favourite movies and you can carry those DVDs.     

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Playing Fact Game

You can take turns and come up with the facts you think are unique and other accomplices might not be aware of them. You can also turn it into a trivia game where you can ask the facts in a question form just to make it more interesting.  

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Card Games  

Some of the best card games you can play with your friends and family member, leaving out the driver for sure. Some of the best games you can enjoy include – Connect Four, Rummy, Tic Tac Toe, Bridge, Crazy Eights, and various others. 

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Above-mentioned are some of the best ways in which you can entertain yourself while you are on a road trip. However, the driver should not be disturbed and should concentrate on driving only.