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10 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Visit Kerala

Posted by Kalyan Jee Jha on 05/03/2017
10 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Visit Kerala Featured Image

I had heard a lot about Kerala being a wonderful place and worth-visiting at least once. So, last month, I planned a holiday to Kerala with my partner. What should I say? All the word of mouth appreciation was so true. Not even a single moment of my holiday was boring. I am definitely going to this place again.

This state in the south region of India is lovingly known as ‘God’s Own County’ and has been blessed with several allures to bring in travellers from all across the world. It has some of the best natural and manmade wonders that cannot be found anywhere else: In this article, I am going to share some of the amazing attractions of this place so that your next holiday destinations is Kerala!

Here are 10 surprising reasons why you should visit Kerala with

1. Placid Backwaters of Kerala

One of the most famous attractions of Kerala, the backwaters is a network of rivers, inlets, and rivulets, offering matchless experiences to visitors. Originally a mode of transportation of heavy goods, they now attract tourists from all across the globe. The best way to explore these large expanses of waters is by going on-board a houseboat. The feeling of floating on water, savoring the wonderful views of villages, swaying palms, and green rice fields, going for off-shore sightseeing is simply unforgettable.

Alleppey backwaters, Kumarakom backwaters, Kozhikode backwaters, Vellayani backwaters, Ashtamudi backwaters, Kuttanad backwaters, Kasargod backwaters, Cochin backwaters, Kollam backwaters, and Valiyaparamba backwaters are some of the popular Kerala backwater destinations. Enjoy the serenity and peace spread all around you. Feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. Small canoes are also available to rent.

Placid Backwaters of Kerala
photo credit: wikipedia

2. Age-old Holistic Wellness Science of Ayurveda in Kerala

Kerala is known as the ‘Land of Ayurveda’, science of holistic wellness, which was founded more than 5,000 years ago in India. The state is dotted with innumerable Ayurveda retreats, and Spa resorts, Messages centers offering therapies, treatments and massages following the principles of Ayurveda. There are trained doctors, learned dieticians and skilled masseurs offering excellent services as per a person’s ailment and body need. Day-wise packages are also available in peaceful settings.

The best time for Ayurveda in Kerala is the monsoon season, from June to August. Cherai, Kovalam, Kumarakom. Bekal, Palakkad, and Varkala are some of the best places for Ayurveda therapies. Combine Yoga and Meditation sessions for best results. Ayurveda treats all kinds of health troubles including obesity, weight management, nervous problems, skin ailments, heart issues and so on. Visit any of the places and get a new you back.

Age old Holistic Wellness Science of Ayurveda in Kerala
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3. Romantic Hill Stations of Kerala

Nestled amid the verdant rolling hills of Western Ghats, the panoramic and peaceful Kerala hill stations are perfect for honeymooners as well as family holidays. Abundance of flora and fauna, green surroundings, pleasant climate, aromatic plantations, cool air, cascading rivers, gushing waterfalls cast a magical charm on the visitors. The green cover has a calming effect on all the senses.

Some of the popular hill stations of Kerala are Munnar, Ranipuram, Athirapally, Mattupetty, Idukki, Wayanad, Wagamon, Vythiti, Lakkidi, and Ponmudi. The mountains here also offer opportunities of different kinds of adventure activities such as rock climbing, trekking, mountaineering and nature walks. Visit the popular attractions. Opt for a leisure walk in the aromatic plantations. The waterfalls are ideal picnic spots. Hike up to the view points for picturesque views.

Hill-Stations of Kerala
photo credit: flickr

4. Paradisiacal Beaches of Kerala

The beaches of Kerala are no less than a paradise, bringing in tourists in huge numbers every year. While on one side, these beaches are ideal for relaxing and enjoying leisure activities, on the other hand, they offer opportunities for water sports. Relish magical sights like swaying palm trees, golden or white sands, lagoons, and natural harbours. Adore memorable experiences like sipping fresh coconut juice, enjoy a rejuvenating Ayurveda massage, relish lip-smacking seafood and partake in water sports.

Fort Kochi, Alleppey, Kovalan, Bekal, Marari, Varkala, Kappad and Kannur are some of well-known Kerala beaches, offering a wonderful ambiance for getting completely relaxed. Look at the horizon where the clean sea waters and blue skies mix with each other. Do not miss the attractions and fishermen villages located nearby. Partake in swimming, speed boat riding, and para sailing. A stroll on the beach during sunset is amazing.

Paradisiacal Beaches of Kerala
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5. Memorable ride in the Houseboats of Kerala

Locally known as Ketuvallam, houseboats today are a major attraction amid tourists. Formerly an important mode of transportation of heavy goods, a houseboat ride is the best way to explore the enchanting backwaters. The houseboats come equipped with all the world-class comforts and vary in sizes too. As you get into the houseboat, you are accompanied by a rower who is a guide and your cook too. Savor rice fields, enjoy bird watching, observe the locals busy in their daily chores, relish the peace, and admire the lush surroundings.

Houseboat rides come in two forms- overnight houseboat tours and houseboat day tours. You can pick any as per your liking. Houseboats are available in different categories such as with sundeck or with double deck.  Do not forget to capture wonderful views in your camera. Houseboat tours are ideal for people of all ages. Alappuzha Backwater Route, Kumarakom Backwater Route, Alleppey to Kumarakom Backwater Route, Alleppey to Alumkadavu Backwater Route, Alleppey to Thottappalley Backwater Route are some of the popular houseboat backwater routes.

Memorable ride in the Houseboats of Kerala
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6. Wonderful Arts & Culture of Kerala

The south Indian state of Kerala has been able to cling to its age-old heritage and traditions through its art and craft. It is known for its remarkable classical dance performances, splendid music forms, exceptional drama, Kalaripayattu martial art form, and excellent art forms. The state is mesmerizing and a delight for cultural aficionados.

Enjoy performances of Kathakali, Mohinattam, Koodiyattam, Pathakam, and Chkyarkooth, a form of comedy satire. The state and its people are proud of their Aryan and Dravidian culture and follow age-old traditions, followed by their ancestors. The state is also a heaven if you are into collecting handcrafts in wood, cane ivory, coconut shell, and bell metal.

Wonderful Art and Culture of Kerala
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7. Exotic Wildlife of Kerala

The state boasts of expansive green natural covers in the form of highland and evergreen deciduous forests. Kerala enjoys the status of an important biodiversity zone. These jungles of Kerala are home to an exotic variety of animals and birds. They allure animal enthusiasts, avid photographers and nature lovers alike in good numbers.  A visit to these forests is always memorable.

Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Kerala such as Periyar National Par, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park, Silent Valley National Park, and Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary offer shelter to these animals and birds. Some of the rare animal species that can be spotted here are lion-tailed macaque, great king cobra, grizzled giant squirrel, Indian grey hornbill, Asian elephant, nilgiri tahr, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, White-bellied blue flycatcher, and the Nilgiri Thrush.

[Find the List of Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala]

Exotic Wildlife of Kerala
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8. Finger-licking Kerala Cuisines

Food of Kerala is popular for its refreshing tangy taste. The list of sweet and savory delights is pretty long and yes yummy too! Do pay a visit to the aromatic spice plantations of Kerala including that of Siruvani, Wayanad, Erumeli, Vagamon, Vandi periyar and Attappadi. Rice and fish are staple diet of Keralites. Some of specialties of Kerela that are in a typical Kerala meal are Rasam, Puttu, Appam, Idiyappam, varieties of pickles, Kerala Biryani, Payasam, fish curry, Bonji Sharbat, and prawn curry.

A paradise of gastronomy, Kerala serves mouthwatering delights that are spicy, sweet and aromatic. Owing to its closeness to the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, the state has plenty of meat, poultry, spices, tamarind, curry leaves, rice, vegetables and coconut. The food here has a slight multi-ethnic feel due to co-existence of Hindu Keralites, Christians, Muslims and tribals.

Finger licking Kerala Cuisines
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9. Wonderful Treehouses of Kerala

Staying in a tree house is surely a way to re-live our childhood. Locally known as Erumadam, this is the one of the best accommodation options in Kerala, quite different from normal hotels and resorts. The concept of staying close to Mother Nature, on a tree trunk top (7 – 27 meters above ground level), is quite fascinating. Vythiri, Idukki, Kollam, Munnar, Bekal, and Wayanad are some of the places where treehouses are available.

These treehouses are made up of indigenous eco-friendly material. Equipped with all kinds of comforts, they offer a comfortable stay for guests. Enjoy a peaceful holiday, amid green surroundings, away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Wake up to the sounds of the chirping birds. Treehouses are generally available amid spice and tea plantations, and tropical rain forests.

Wonderful Treehouses of Kerala
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10. Pleasant Weather of Kerala

Kerala is a tropical state and thus the weather is always pleasant, equable and salubrious. On an average, the temperature remains between 29ºC and 33ºC, ideal for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. Every season of this south Indian has its specialty. The weather here is segregated into- Summer (April – May), Monsoon (June – August), and Winter (September – March).

In the summer season, there is little rainfall, making the weather comfortable. One can enjoy beach activities and sightseeing. If you are looking for Ayurvedic treatments, monsoons are going to be perfect. Rains make Kerala greener and more beautiful. Winter is the peak season, ideal for all activities- sightseeing, beach visits, exploring hill stations and so on.

Pleasant Weather of Kerala
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