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10 Reasons to Visit Provence

Posted by Roxana Oliver on 24/02/2016
10 Reasons to Provence

When the Good Lord begins to doubt the world, he remembers that he created Provence. – Frederic Mistral. If the staggering nature, delicious foods, interesting history, mild climate and world-class wines do not captivate you, than Provence’s fascinating character surely will. Frankly, one can never run out of reasons to visit this region, but we will give you ten, just to tickle your imagination. Provence Flickr – François Philipp

It Is the Place Where Art Comes Alive

Provence is so sublime that we could say the region itself is a work of art. Many famous artists, such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin and Cezanne, have been mesmerized by its appearance and “personality”, and created memories of Provence captivated in their works. Some of the most notable ones are Van Gogh’s “Where’s Waldo” and Cezanne’s “Montagne Sainte-Victoire”.

It Is a Legendary Wine Region

Whether you are a wine aficionado or not, Provence’s wines (especially rosé) will not leave you indifferent. Because it is blessed with fantastic climate, this region is home to various sorts of grapes and even more of wine. Different soils and historic influences resulted in enough sorts to please even the pickiest taste buds.

vineyards Flickr – marcovdz

Every Day Is a Market Day

The Provence’s markets are the tradition that has persisted for centuries and there is not a town in the region which does not have its own market day. The scents of seasonal fresh produce, warm baguettes, sweet honey and enchanting lavender will enable you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture.

It Is as Purple as It Gets

If there is such thing as an “award for the purplest region of the world” Provence would get it. The deep shades of this amazing color and amazing scent of swaying lavender covering the hills of the Northern Provence are probably the most amazing landscape ever.

lavanderFlickr - Loïc Lagarde

The Rhone Is Flowing through the Region

The alluring Rhone River is flowing through the region of Provence, and it passes through some of the most historic cities in France. Therefore, there is no better place to start your river cruise in France, than in Provence.

The Hilltop Villages Are Marvelous

Most of the villages in Provence are built to withstand strong attacks, because of the waves of invaders which came after the fall of the Roman Empire. That is why they are so dramatic, with their stone walls, narrow streets, towering castles and hilltop locations. These romantic fortifications survived through ages and now are the objects of fascination for many tourists.

village Flickr – alainlm

It Is Homage to Your Taste Buds

Warm baguettes are not the only delicious thing Provence has to offer. The cuisine of Provence, in general, tastes like nothing you’ve ever tried before. The local cooking makes extensive use of various herbs (fennel, savory, basil, rosemary, lavender, etc.) which results in mouthwatering dishes. Besides, local olives, goat cheese and pastries are dreams come true.

Observe History up Close

Provence is the home to some of the most important archeological sites in France. The most prominent of them is Arles, which is an UNESCO heritage site, with well preserved amphitheater. Also, you can visit the original Arc de Triomphe built in AD 26, otherwise called the Triumphal Arc of Orange. In the same town (Orange) there is a statue of Emperor Augustus and an ancient amphitheater.

Provencehistory Flickr – decar66

Custom Perfumes

We are all, in some measure, obsessed with French perfumes, but did you know that rather than buying them from a shelf, you can customize your own scent in some of Provence’s perfumeries? It is believed that the best ones are in Grasse, where there is a long tradition of perfume making.

Cote d’Azur…

… Enough said. Whether you decide for a glamorous cruise along the coast from St Tropez, a stroll along the famous promenade in Cannes, an elegant lunch in Nice or a daytrip to Monte Carlo, you cannot go wrong with the sublime Cote d’Azur.