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10 Most Romantic Destinations in the USA

Posted by Sabrina Steinman on 18/09/2016
10 Most Romantic Destinations in the USA

North America (and the United States in particular) is world-famous for its highly developed tourism. Many Americans never leave their country in searches of adventures – their homeland provides the entire set of fun places. Today, we wish to present the top 10 superb destinations for a romantic holiday or a honeymoon in America.

1. Albuquerque

Being the capital city of the New Mexico state, it combines splendid desert landscape and busy urban life. Traveling across the city and its suburbs, you will collect impressions of all kinds. Albuquerque is widely known for its international festivals held annually e.g. Balloon Fiesta, Flamenco Festival, and Art and Craft Fair.

photo credit: pixabay

2. Miami

The jewel of Florida has always charmed travelers with its tropical climate, diverse population, and, of course, beaches. Your romantic stay here is guaranteed to be eventful. Lavish hotels situated along the coastline, large-scale celebrations, cultural and entertainment spots can’t leave anyone indifferent.

photo credit: pixabay

3. Aspen

If you are into winter sports and looking for a luxurious ski resort to enliven your romance, Aspen is right for you. This quite small town is situated in picturesque Colorado Rockies and attracts businessmen, celebrities, and just regular folks from all over the world. Apart from sports, Aspen is famous for its classy shops, museums, and fun events.

photo credit: pixabay

4. San Francisco

This city is, by all means, one of the most stunning places in the USA. Lying by the Pacific Ocean, it encompasses diverse attractions: beaches, historical monuments, and entertainment zones. Among the most renowned is the Golden Gate Bridge connecting the city to Marin County, beautiful Golden Gate Park, and Alcatraz Island.


photo credit: pixabay

5. New York

Undoubtedly, New York City is somewhat an iconic destination – millions of people, hundreds of fascinating spots, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. There are no people on Earth who have never heard about the legendary Statue of Liberty, Empire Street Building, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, or Times Square and so on. In fact, it would take us a separate article to describe all the Big Apple sights.

photo credit: pixabay

6. Grand Canyon

Indeed, this place is a riot of color. Here, spectacle views mix with the spirit of the Old West and numerous adventures are waiting for lovebirds to come. Diversify your love life with peaceful sightseeing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, or hot-air balloon trips. A rare place is better for those who are willing to open new horizons.

Grand Canyon
photo credit: pixabay

7. New Orleans

Another truly special place lies by the great Mississippi River. New Orleans is a real melting pot of cultures. Each area has its unique atmosphere and provides different amusements. Cuisine French Quarter – the heart of the city – encompasses the main attractions and is perfect for leisure walking.

New Orleans
photo credit: pixabay

8. Rocky Mountains

Also known as the Rockies, this ridge provides everything for top-quality tourism. Plentiful and abundant fauna, various landscapes, and year-round available tours make it a significantly desired destination. No matter when exactly you come here – you will always find amazing things to do and to see.

Rocky Mountains
photo credit: pixabay

9. Niagara Falls

Everyone is actually supposed to see this breathtaking natural monument at least once in a lifetime. Niagara Falls actually includes three stunning cascades – American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Canadian Falls interlacing with nice rocks and islands.

Niagara Falls
photo credit: pixabay

10. Maui

The second largest Hawaiian island lying next to the Big Island and Molokai seems to be the most attractive in the whole archipelago. It provides a relaxing atmosphere along with the wildlife experience and the plenty of sports activities. Here, you may immerse in the local rich culture and take up whatever your heart desires.

Maui, Hawaii

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