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10 Items You Need To Pack When Heading Out On A Beach Resort Holiday

Posted by Nazir Adams on 31/08/2015

You close your eyes for a minute and imagine the smell of suntan lotion, the taste of a cocktail hitting your lips and hear the waves of the ocean lapping in the distance. You then open your eyes and you are standing in front of your cupboard in your bedroom, clothes and accessories strewn across the floor with only a few hours to spare before your plane or cruise takes off to your sunny resort destination. Deciding what to pack can be a nightmare, and there is always the fear of taking too much (or too little) with you on your beach resort holiday. We’ve put together the top 10 things you should pack to make sure your beach resort holiday is the best it can be! (And to avoid scrambling for these things when you get there!)

  1.  A Sarong/ Cover-up: A long day in the sun, either sitting next to the pool or lying on the beach, can definitely result in some sunburn. Make sure that you are not exposed to the rays as much during the hottest times of the day (which is from 11am – 2pm). During this time, sit under an umbrella and wear a sarong or cover-up in order to protect yourself from sunburn during beach days.
  2. A Good Book/Your Kindle: While some of us love the convenient nature of a Kindle, there are a few of us that prefer a good old book. Regardless, bring at least one physical or digital book that you have been wanting to read for ages, but have never had the time. Ask your friends for their recommendations or have a look online for books with excellent reviews so that you know you won’t be disappointed.
  3. Running Shoes: Ok, so you might not be training for a marathon while you are at your beach holiday resort, but going for a long walk in flip flops is not the most comfortable option. Many of the beach resorts have walking or running routes, or day tours that could require some great foot support for far distances. Yes, they might take up a bit of space in your bag, but it will be worth it.
  4. Lip Balm: Hot long lazy days can dry out your skin, and even your lips! While most beach resorts have moisturising lotion as a complimentary product in the room, along with your shampoo, you are unlikely to find a lip balm there. So pop it in your bag and use generously during your stay!
  5. One smart-casual outfit: While it is a holiday, your resort attire is not only bathing suites and sunglasses. Most resorts have lovely restaurants with themed evenings, and this is where you can wear that nice short-sleeved shirt or pretty dress. You never know when it is time to dress up, and you most certainly don’t want to feel left out.
  6. Sunblock/Aloe Vera: While sunblock is a given with any beach resort holiday adventure, make sure that you take different SPF’s for your face and body (as we all know that the one applied to your face should be stronger). Also, try to take an Aloe Vera gel too. Regardless of how much suntan lotion you apply, there is the risk of getting a little sunburn here and there, which can be soothed with the likes of a cooling gel.
  7. Three Bathing suits: This does not really apply to the men, but for women, having three suits to alternate between is great, especially if you are hanging around the pool most days. This way you can also wash your bathing suits on the days that you do not wear the others. Simple!
  8. Bug Spray: Not always visible during the day, sometimes bugs like mosquitos can come out at night and interrupt your peaceful holiday sleep. Make sure that these pests do not annoy you by having a bottle of bug spray at hand, or even a bug bracelet as this is smaller and easier to pack.
  9. Sunglasses and a hat: While these do not come in pairs, it is essential that you wear both (in addition to your cover-up and suntan lotion) on a daily basis. Whether it is a floppy straw hat or a peak cap, make sure you are covering your head and face during those toasty days in the sun.
  10. First aid kit: It is likely that the resort or hotel will stock these items, but there is no harm in taking some Band-Aids and some pain killers to make up a light first-aid kit for possible emergencies. Always be prepared!


From luxury holidays Morocco to resort beach living in the Caribbean, these travel essentials will ensure you have nothing to worry about while sipping that cocktail by the pool!