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10 Essential Tips To Make Your Next Flight A One To Remember

Posted by Leila Dorari on 21/03/2017
10 Essential Tips To Make Your Next Flight A One To Remember Featured Image

Have you finally decided to take a break from everything and drift away to that sunny beach? Have you been impatiently waiting for the moment to hop on the plane and fly away to some other alluring destination? Whichever the case, there are numerous ways for you to improve your every future flight experience – from what not to pack and jumping the check-in queue, to passing through passport security, here are insider tips that will help you go through the entire process seamlessly.


1.    Opt For A Fast Airport

It doesn’t come as a surprise that you can save a vast amount of time just by making the right airport choice. According to the research conducted by the Skyscanner website, the fastest airport in the UK is Birmingham, followed by Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and London Heathrow. The research reveals that more than one third of the passengers pass all the Birmingham airport checks in less than 15 minutes!


2. Check the flight status

Although the advice might seem a bit trivial, it is essential to check the flight status while you are still at home. Unfortunately, flights do get cancelled only hours before they were scheduled, and to avoid driving to the airport with all your luggage only to find out it was all in vain, opt for one of the apps that will inform you of any changes on time. 


3. Careful where you pack the documents

Furthermore, make sure your ID, boarding pass and credit card are in an easily accessible part of your bag, since then you can quickly check whether you’ve packed them before you leave for the airport, and won’t waste yours and other people’s time mining your bag, looking for them.


4. Pack airport and airplane essentials

It’s not just about carrying too many things; it’s about opting for the airport-friendly items, for example slip-on shoes, TSA-friendly laptop or clear zip-shut sundries bags, all which will help you pass through airport security much faster.


5. Ensure your luggage is not too heavy

Still, it is utterly important to emphasise how good it is to stay under the 50-pound limit most airlines have. We recommend LOOP Luggage Scale, a miniature and handy device which helps you weigh your suitcase before you head to the airport. As it is so compact, it’s good to have it with you on the trip, so you can easily calculate how many souvenirs you can take back with you.


6. Organize the transportation

Hiring an airport transfer service in your hometown will most probably go smoothly, while making the right decision when you cross the border can be somewhat challenging. According to the UK Government data, more than 670,000 UK tourists flock to Australia every year, making cities like Canberra, Perth and Sydney very popular destinations. Arrange Perth airport transfers to ensure a stress-free travel, since Perth airport is one of the busiest ones in the area.

For more advices and first hand experiences on shared and private transfers refer to websites like TripAdvisor and Review Centre.


7. What to do before the check-in

Did you remember to put the documents in a place where you can easily access them? Now it’s time to take them out and have them in your hands while standing in the line.

Once last time, weigh your bags – even if you forgot to take the small, portable scale with you, most airports have them installed in front of the check-in areas. If it does happen that your bags are heavier than they should be, you will have enough time to swap between them and avoid any scrutiny from the agents.


8. Get ready for the airport security

Once you pass the check-in, put all documents except your boarding pass and your ID in your carry-on, because once you get to security line, you will know exactly where to find everything you need, without holding the line. Furthermore, before you get to the front, do one last check of all the metal items you are wearing in order to remember to remove everything. Don’t forget about your carry-on bag and things that have to be removed, like liquids or electronics.


9. After you pass security…

Once the most stressful part is over, it’s time to check the flight status one more time.

If your flight is getting close, you will see changes at the gate and accurate departure times. Still, we recommend going directly to the gate to get the exact information regarding your flight first-hand. Here you’ll also see how crowded the flight is and check out the nearest facilities, like bathroom and restaurants.

This way, if you’re really early (which can happen if you pass the security with flying colours), you can sit back and relax with a good book and a cup of hot coffee or tea.    


10. How to Deal with a Flight Delay

Finally, if it happens that your flight is cancelled or delayed the last possible minute, it’s good to have the airline’s 800 number to quickly get information on what your options are. Sadly, this happens quite often, but if you’re proactive about it, you can get rebooked in minutes and still get to a desired destination as planned.